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    2018-09-09 LLD LD #243 -- tk, stolen bag,

    by , 09-12-2018 at 12:18 PM (249 Views)
    + at the (pharmacy?) counter, there is a crowd there, I'm ordering things, there are bottles of white pills around(?). Later there is a commentary about the food, and I say "there is no no nutritious food, no good meats, no fresh vegetables, all they have is gum & candy." I look down and realize my bag is missing, I see someone moving around from me with it, I start shouting "They stole my bag!" and go after him. The thief is moving to a wall of lockers, and I think he's going to stash it inside a locked locker and I won't be able to get it back. There is a guy sitting in a chair to one side (the thief?) I want to punch him, I make a few feints (and then punch him?)

    + girl at the pool.
    Spoiler for sexy time:

    + LD #243 tk, girl.
    I'm moving through a set of glass doors and there is a guy in front of me, I make an arm gesture and "force push" (TK) the guy away from me. This makes me realize I'm dreaming. I look around. It is a library-like location. There is a girl to my left, I decide to engage.
    I think about stabilization, things are stable, colorful. She shrinks to the size of a small doll.
    Spoiler for sexy time:
    . A man nearby starts a commentary on something and I
    lose lucidity, I think he's wrong.

    another day:
    +(f) running with somewhere, I move ahead of them to the destination. I'm running quickly.

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