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    2019-01-08 trees, office/bird, lip girl, come home & the pool

    by , 01-08-2019 at 11:12 AM (444 Views)
    + outside, looking at trees with L, we want to cut some for wood. The trees we're inspecting are really tall and I'm conerned that we won't be able to manage them when the fall and they'll cause a lot of damage. I'm looking at a very large fallen tree and thinking about sawing some sections of it into billets, but it is partly rotten and I'm wondering if the quality of the wood is good enough.

    + in an office space, walking around, I want to surprise people by (turning into a bird and flying around), but some guy brings in a remote-controlled bird toy and steals my thunder. Looking at a table with young employees sitting all together in front of computers. Some new girls are assigned to this table, I want to be assigned there too as one is quite pretty. They sit down on the far side and I think the guy across from the pretty girl is really lucky, he just has to look up from his screen to see her and can watch her all day long.

    There were more dreams but forgot


    + I'm sitting in some public facility (restaurant?) with a friend to my left. Standing in front of me is a sort of attractive young woman with really large puffy lips covered in lipstick. She's talking a lot and very quickly. I understand all the individual words she's saying but I can't grasp the overall coherent idea. I'm fascinated by her lips and am just watching her face and lips move while she talks. She eventually gets frustrated with me and leaves, off to my left and behind me. I call out after her that I'm listening and very interested in what she's saying.

    + I arrive home (false) and am instantly dismayed that I didn't close up before leaving. I see my laptop(s) are still outside on a table and that the door is open to the house. I take a quick look around and am astonished and relieved that apparently nothing has been taken -- I suppose that by chance nobody walked by and noticed the open home and items left unattended. The home is like an apartment in a building with patios/bungalos.
    Spoiler for sexy content:
    Later, I'm in the pool. Some girls arrive and I watch, amazed, as they strip naked and get in the pool, I'm checking them out.
    Some guys arrive and they're naked too. I'm watching the girls and guys interact. There is a woman dressed talking on the phone nearby and I think she is related to the swimmers. One of the girls says she wants (someone?) to keep on peeing on her in the pool because it's warm

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