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    by , 05-17-2022 at 07:36 AM (45 Views)
    + home in CH, want to fly, don't want to be seen, go up to street, take off flying, left at FL head down towards AV, look to left at L's house, see through 2nd story window guy there, see people in their houses as I fly down FL, at the AV intersection I see there is an open (no roof/walls) area in stead of a house, like an office area with tables and rooms, farther along at the entrance to TV park, there are two people, one of them is holding a (my instrument) (playing it? I play it and it sounds better?)

    + theater, management is out, want to sing karaoke, go to (organ/piano) keyboard, can't find page with the music I want, look in index for "We are the champions", can't really find it, open to page, ask a person to my left to hold the page open for me, they won't do it, I say sarcastically "are you doing something else right now?"

    + through gym/pool entrance turnstyles, enter cafe area high seats put my food on the table, a plate with three pieces of pizza-sandwich-like things, an employee walks by and swipes one of them and eats it, I'm outraged, I follow him around and demand he replace it, that he give me a "Chateau-briand [steak]", and he answers "Hah, and you'll also want a Lafite with that?!" I answer "Yes!"

    + enter room see LW I thought she'd be sleeping but she's practicing guitar, sitting down her back is to me

    + in club area with (Den from WalFiPal) at a table, I'm touching/switching on a "disco" light that projects multicolored lights up to the ceiling

    + [f] see MarRbk at some cafe, think I've seen him earlier,

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