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    2020-09-11 another overflow night over several wakings :)

    by , 09-11-2020 at 09:10 AM (100 Views)
    Meta: bedtime before midnight, 100mg of sweet dessert wine around 9pm, didn't watch any videos before bedtime (yay).
    Took my zinc, magnesium, and multi (1) about 8pm. Took 1/2 of a 100mg B6 tablet at bedtime. No relaxants (valerian, melatonin) or nootropics (Hyp-A, galantamine, AlphaGPC).

    Final waking: 7am, consolidated recall, tried for some continued relaxation, visualization (V-WILD), got up about 8:45am

    Real Reflection making an appearance! I acknowledged a DC as speaking in English, and I asked my DC son S2 "what's up with your head!?"


    + with son S2 in present day home, earwax buildup on his mobile, he's making a massive pile of noodles in a bowl in the kitchen (I want some), back in my room facing him I notice his swollen, misshapen, balding head, and way "What's up with your head!?"

    + outside food truck (sausages with lots of toppings) on the street, the vendor woman I notice is speaking in English [DS!], she has weird teeth [DS], the sausages are tightly rolls of thinly sliced lunch meat, around front with son S1 to order, there are vats of toppings like guacamole, and various sweets to order

    + lots of activity with a Boy Scout group on a dark (snowy?) hill, there is a luxurious looking clubhouse with lights on inside and a round dome roof

    + (f=fragment), faces, (mother?) saying something about some woman living in "Eckerly" or something like that.

    + at a traffic light, pull up to left lane to turn left beside cool car, some guy from the other direction (right?) pulls in front of me in a giant cool car, I decide not to mess with him, light turns green, but I realize too late while in the intersection that the light is green only for straight not turning left, and I'm going to run into problems with cross-traffic


    + in a canoe on a large body of water, my mobile is out and I'm filming, find a nice spot to land but have trouble and get advice from the guys already landed, I make several attempts, get out, want to get naked and swim (I'm wearing a swimsuit?), the others want to go but I say "give me time to swim!"

    + woman pushing a hotel luggage trolley, another woman is riding, they make out (?), I take over, get to the destination where the woman's husband is, woman and I quickly kiss, and I start discussing their travel plans, they're from the south and only flying to a neighboring state, a map of the south comes up and I'm eyeing it closely trying to make sense of it and name the states

    + (f) in some indoor location with tubes, some man makes some comment (he's a celebrity?), I think about the air flowing through the tubes

    + [vivid, present] in a pharmacy, I see (and narrate?) indian spices, the store clerks pop their heads around the aisle corners a few times and make random comments, I get really fascinated with the stevia, and try to decide what to buy: large size pellets, medium size, tiny size, there are so many different options I'm overwhelmed; I also look at the tooth flossers because I should bring some home for my kids, I pick up a few and carry them with me

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