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    2020-09-18 enemy garage, restaurant, cube, car

    by , 09-18-2020 at 08:47 AM (93 Views)
    bedtime: ~1am? (celebration yesterday, and generally messed up day running errands, my schedule was thrown off)
    First noticed waking:
    out of bed: 9:45am

    I have grogginess sufficient to fall back asleep and eventually do, try body scan, mouth & eye relax, visualize quiet scene, river with sounds, lake scene, and start floating in/out of wakefulness


    + A garage area roll-down door is closing, there is a guard stationed there, I block the door at the last minute and crawl underneath. There is a whole gang of bad guys in there and I've infiltrated. I have a key and mess with the floor-locking mechanism on the door. I get up and start walking resolutely. Bad guys are all around me but are going about there business, ignoring me because they assume I belong. I walk through different rooms & areas (washing machines in one?) and keep walking ahead, not making eye contact, wondering how long this can go on before they discover me.

    + restaurant table woman arrives drops something, should I pick it up as a gentleman would? I dither on the decision

    + moving restaurant table, I go from a multi-person table to a smaller table so as to make room for a larger party at my first table.

    + work setting, woman hears man talking thinks it's bad about her throws a cup of water at him through a hole in the cubical walls, scene shifts to see that guy in his cube, angry and raging about that he just uses that whole to talk to his cube neighbor, he starts ranting about "pubes" and shows his pubes (big bush) to his cube neighbor, keeps ranting "pubes! pubes!"


    + I'm on the downhill slope of FL (neighborhood CH to the left and down) approaching the corner at AV, rolling (ball?) with a friend who is ahead of me, the ball rolls down and to the left on to AV. A bright turquoise blue car (Mercedes?) (the color is really striking and gets my attention, the rest of the dream seems greyscale, it is dark-ish, evening time) drives by me closely on the left, stops, and now comes almost directly at me, I wonder if he's trying to hit me, it seems like it, should I get out of the way? I stand in place and the car's left side (heading up hill now) brushes my left leg. I think the driver is just going to keep coming at me. I see the driver inside the car (light, white/cream colored upholstery) seems to be lying down in the front seat, I see a bottle, I assume he's drunk.

    + (f, vague) feeding the cat? water bowl is dirty with bits of food in it?

    + in PTL, move from MB to S1's room, one guy there, I'm naked, being a bit of an exhibitionist, the other guy pulls his pants down, I toss a wad of paper into the top of his pants like a basketball hoop, want to show it to those around, another guy comes (relative of the first) and first guy mentioned what I did, I think I should get dressed, I pull a pair of rainbow underwear out, rainbow striped shaped like women's bikini bottom, put it on, the size is a bit off, I say "this is a large"

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