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    2020-09-19 bunch of scenes over two wakings.

    by , 09-19-2020 at 12:58 PM (90 Views)
    bedtime 00:30?

    wakings: 02:00 , 04:14 (bathroom), 04:35 can't fall asleep get up sit chair telescope/stars, 04:55 back to bed, relaxation techniques, fall asleep


    + In some (University?) setting, I'm offering a friend to play (handball?), there is a vague (transparent? grapefruit-sized malleable "ball" in my hands, we're walking (to the court?) and talk about a volleyball team, I think I should join because that's a good way to meet young people (girls?) , we enter a dinner/cafe and sit at tall long table in the middle of the room, the tables/counters all around are strewn with leftovers, it's dark-ish in here, I think we're going to drink beer (and wonder if we'll be OK to drive after that) and eat (pizza?), look on counter next to kitchen see piles of food (pizza with melted cheese) covered with newspapers all along the counter, I approach the counter and think about hot links sausages go to look and see vague wrapper on counter, can't see anything not sure if it's a hot links package or not.

    + [DO?] (younger) dad in garden pulled up by his collar (instant replay) with a look of pain on his face

    + keys to the boy scout troops equipment rooms, the rooms are spread out across different towns

    + standing in line approaching service counter, crowd of people, line is unruly, some women in line jump in front of me I believe

    + scary corridor the room is lost hear friend but can't reach, there is no path any more, I'm scared/panicked, pacing back and forth in the elevator landing looking for the door to the room I remember being there before where my friend is, hear voice but can't get to her, to prove that she's there, I (put?) a mirror on the wall and she wacks the wall with her hand from her side and breaks the mirror, she's yelling/screaming for me

    + [DO] sleeping bags dual entry I think for serious cold camping but g/f L thinks its for animals, I wonder about washing them, g/f L says you need to wash them after (30?) days. They look like two smaller sleeping bags that are sewn together at the foot, sort of a "sleeping bag for two." One side (the left side) of each pair is a bit shorter than the right side. They look too short for me.

    + how to get out of the garage? Lots of debris, get out, pile of construction garbage nearby, workers comment on the driveway of neighbor we're standing in, owner won't like it that we're there.


    (weaker recall)

    + (f) lion? (new d/s) in distance / riding bicycle old time handles

    + (f) crossing intersection at busy road, waiting for light

    + football play (instant replay?) View from on-field sidelines I'm standing on the right hand side of the offensive team's direction, there is a wide receiver set up on the right side, the play starts, he runs out after a delay, the defending side I think holds/pushes him too much, he gets out and runs his route but the play goes to the left side of the field, it's a short pass, and after a little maneuver to avoid a tackle the receiver doesn't make much yardage.

    + wife on vacation? in Paris?, I want to returnr immediately stay a day or two more I think, she offers a whole month

    + scene indoors with my old dog L, he is standing there and snapping at flies as they pass by his face. I think this is amusing. He keeps snapping at them but never seems to catch any of them.

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