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    1. 2020-09-26 mini-vampire girl, bathtub, infiltrating the mob

      by , 09-26-2020 at 10:06 AM
      Light recall, probably too much wine, too late bed-time, too much sugar before bed....oof!
      Moderately upsetting tiff with g/f really threw off my whole attitude before bed time, colored the whole night negatively.


      + I'm hanging out (lying on something?) with a little mini-vampire girl. She is doll-sized (cat-sized?), I feel a lot of affection towards her. I let her bit my finger. The pain is sharp, her teeth are REALLY sharp. She has a cat's teeth: two prominent fangs, and a row of tiny sharp little short teeth between them. I look at my finger, and there is a prominent spot of blood welling up from the bite. I let her drink. We're not supposed to do this, feeding our vampires is not allowed I recall. I think this means I will become a vampire. The scene changes and 3-4 guys who are all wearing black and white mime-style makeup on their faces are walking about outside.

      + (continuation?) we're entering/infiltrating a school. It's a multi-story building, fairly tall, lockers are on the walls, and we're climbing up scaffolding (which is falling as we climb?) to get to the classrooms on the top floors.

      + In an apartment, multi-level layout, I get into a fairly large tile bathtub full of hot water and sink down in until just my head is left above the water. I feel myself floating in the water and it is a luxurious feeling. A guy who's there (Larry from high school) also gets in the tub?


      + (dozing dream) we're infiltrating a mob spot, the entrance is in a building down a flight of stairs below street level. There is a watch guy inside? A mob guy on the stairs (muscle-y) sees us and goes up the stairs to notify the rest of the gangsters that we're there.