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    by , 09-03-2021 at 09:30 AM (93 Views)
    early forgotten, pretty good mid/later longer vivid-ish dream

    + some long sequence about a school?

    [mid/later] work job, single day contract, I've been here before, "recognize" former coworkers in the large kitchen/lounge, a number of scenes

    + I'm arriving in a car-pool to a work location: somewhere fairly remote, the employer provided the vehicle. As I move from the car to the building entrance, (bright daylight, blue sky?), I think these building are (or are just like) the round-domed movie theaters of the Century 21, 22, 23 complex in San Jose. Entering the building, I'm in a kitchen/break room, very large, with couches and vending machines, and people spread around the room, the focus of attention is on me/our group entering. I look around the room and think that I recognize a lot of these people, both men and women, and I have a thought that they are still working here after all this time. I may have had a relationship with a young woman standing with her back to the vending machine on the other side of the room

    At a desk, trying to figure out if it will be a good work place for me, if the height will be appropriate. Two other guys need it for a meeting so I need to find another place.

    Sitting at a workplace in front of a glass wall [DS], a colleague/woman

    + The Queen of England does not let me interrupt her conversation with a man I want to speak with (I didn't realize she was the Queen until she tapped me on the shoulder to get me to back off and I got a better look at her and realize she's the queen).
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