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    2022-02-06 roadway, bridge over blue water

    by , 02-06-2022 at 07:10 AM (314 Views)
    bedtime about 0:30 -- too late, need to fix schedule!

    get up: 08:30

    + [DO] flying over and along a roadway that is under construction: mostly rough gravel with transitions between sections. I'm concerned about the smoothness of the road. There's a section over a riverbed that is particularly rough and wavy, I see sort of a bridge structure underneath the road. I'm touching my hand down to the road as I fly over it to smooth it out (?).

    + On a large open "erector set" structure over a large body of clear blue water. Go over the side and want to jump but am concerned about objects in the water, so I lower myself down as far as I can before jumping down in to the water so I don't hit anything. There's an object floating on the water nearby and I want to make sure I miss it. The water is a Caribbean clear blue. There are some others I know in the section next to me. Up on top of the trellis structure (from which i jumped) there are "rooms," and I want to move to a farther room so that (I won't be disturbed?). Those two others (guy and a girl) move on to the roadway. There is some idea about physical injury not being real? A (woman?) is driving a car right at them and at the last minute the guy&girl roll out of the way to avoid being hit because they realize there would be lasting consequences, while the driver thought there wouldn't be.

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