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    2022-02-07 basketball, ski lodge, gym, soft serve

    by , 02-07-2022 at 02:25 PM (279 Views)
    bedtime: 22:30, now that's more like it!
    2mg melatonin at bedtime to help reset circadian rhythm

    wake time: 05:00
    get up: 06:30

    + playing 1-on-1 basketball [DS] on an outside court. Making layups. Not dribbling the ball, it's more elongated like a football or rugby ball, not completely round. Making some far shots, missing some

    + something else, related to scuba diving?

    + inside the ski lodge checking in, OmniLucid branded skis for the "conference", one ski is badly cracked, I complain to the clerks, man clerk doesn't care, I get upset, lady clerk says next time you should order in-house skis

    + on the ski slopes, ski-walking up hill. Dark/night. Soon will come down, tell the friend I'm with we should be careful not to slow down too much towards the bottom because it is very level and we may get stuck and not make it to the bottom. Watch others coming down the hill, gauging their speed

    + in a gym, open area, lots of different barbell stations. I'm carrying barbells (with large weight plates) around by holding each "half" under an arm, a trainer comments (?) or says/thinks this is not safe/effective. Trainer mentions my deadlifts are all wrong. I'm looking for a squat rack, can't find one, they're all strange contraptions,

    + I'm searching for the people who can mix the soft-serve ice cream, I was told that it needs to be remixed. I'm carrying very large containers of it. I approach a woman and man who are the right people but they say it can't be done (remixing my soft-serve) because of some technical reason (forgot).

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