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    2022-02-08 trip to (Caracas?); basketball at TV park

    by , 02-08-2022 at 07:08 AM (244 Views)
    bedtime: 22:30, 2mg (6mg? two pills in any case) melatonin. Yay, success at a good bedtime
    final waking: ~07:45, out of bed 08:00

    + (f, vague) something about food? At a restaurant?

    + [trip to Caracas, long, fairly vivid] in the plane, talking with pilot, glance back look at his "cockpit" (where are the instruments? they must be behind the partition). Pilot makes a number of maneuvers, some manually, some are programmed on autopilot, including a sweeping very steep bank turn. Come in to landing, I get out my camera to film it, there's another guy/passenger in the cockpit too. I'm watching the scenery, my camera is shining a very bright "hi-beam" on to the landscape and I'm trying to disable this. Scenery is blocky, triangular. Water scenes, like in a canyon, or flying low over a river in a wide river valley.

    Registration: approaching registration, I think that everything in this country will be in Spanish. in line at the registration, it comes out that because of some mistake, we'll have to each pay about $2500 for the stay. I'm a bit confused about the currency and if I have enough to make that dollar amount. I reach for my wallet in my left rear pocket (hoping that it's there) and I do pull it out. I have both foreign and dollar bills there.

    Going to the rooms with a (female?) guide, our group is one of the last and the sleeping areas are already mostly taken. Our group heads along a corridor (no ceiling? outside?) into finally an area with open bunks that can be our place. Our group's program consists of 3 activities, [2 forgotten], X, Y, and handball. Good, I love court sports like that. I think a bit about the possible damage to the hands in energetic handball. We're heading to the courts with our guide when some pranksters on the floor above squirt water down on our group.

    + basketball at TV park. Arriving to the park, it's Sunday, I think the weekly "grown-ups" game may happen today. Get to the lowest, basketball level, there are people already warming up on the main central two courts. I think they may ask me to play, and I wonder if I have the stamina for a full-court game, think about running back and forth and getting very tired and sweaty (I don't have a change of clothes with me?). By the tall fence at the far court hoop, there is a small purple "basketball" (about 1/2 to 3/4 the size of a volleyball) on the ground and I reach to pick it up. Several times it slips through my fingers and I can't pick it up [DS]. It is sitting on another deflated purple ball that I think may be getting in the way. I take a strong grasp of the inflated ball and pick it up. It is super heavy. Like, medicine ball heavy, and I think this is a medicine ball for strength practice. I'm standing to the right of the hoop about 10 feet away diagonally a bit and take a shot, putting a lot of strength into the shot because the ball is so heavy, but I don't make a hoop (and it falls short?). I go to the short hoop to the right of where I am, (by the bike rack), and there is ChCh (and some girl?). We talk about the event that is the continuation of the Caracas camp, I ask about information about it since I don't remember getting it, and ChCh says that there were fliers at the registration desk at the Caracas site.

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