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    2022-05-16 dild ld #264

    by , 05-17-2022 at 07:43 AM (157 Views)
    Sense of lots of dreaming, one lucid!

    + in partially mirrored bunker/room outdoors among wild animals (bears?), thought I was safe, but aggressive (horses? donkeys) open the doors with their mouths and swarm me

    + walking through museum exhibition of large electronic components, these are systems I worked on I think, I want to take my picture with one huge one, colleagues think it's not a good idea(?). The one I want to take a picture of is a standing rectangle: I see lots of computer boards, it's about 5 feet high and two tables in length.


    + arrive to parking spot, see a young man in a boy scout uniform and think I recognize my old patrol's shoulder patch, think about my son

    + [f] driving on freeway, a red car crowds me out of my lane from my right and I swerve left, thinking I'll probably spin out and crash, and wake up with an out loud verbal exclamation, "oh #$%^%!!"

    + DILD LUCIDD #264 try to get into hotel room with crumpled room key, there's a hotel employee there, I'm saying "do I need a new key?" I head to reception via the stair well, I see deceased EW coming the other way up the stairs, not strong emotion, just a thought of "what are you doing here?", at the next landing I see that there is no wall in front of me but I'm very high (100 feet or higher) above the lobby, it is a very large open volume, with people mulling around walking to and fro. I just know I can fly so I step off the platform and float, get lucid, very happy that I'm lucid, did a nose pinch and could breathe, hover there a bit, stand for a while on a wall (90 degrees to the wall), then I float down to the lobby floor

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