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    2022-05-18 boats, dive harvester, sea weed

    by , 05-18-2022 at 07:36 AM (72 Views)
    + stealing (borrowing?) a luxurious power boat, driving slowly out towards the sea, there are many shallow places and get stuck

    + playing racquetball (?) in a court full of obstacles [DS], lend another player my shoes?

    + I'm a new diver-harvester, using a knife to cut away large chunks of meat from large underwater "shellfish". I'm trying to figure out where to start cutting. I start cutting and begin pulling away large sections of a white-ish "meat" attached to large rocks under water. At one point I realize I'm deeper below the surface than the length of my snorkle. Despite breathing OK, I panic a bit about this and return to the surface. Returning to the boat in which our team of divers arrived, I see it is partially filled with water, I think we're going to have to turn it over and drain out the water before we can head back to shore in it. On our way we stop at a seaweed harvesting spot. It is the meeting place between two tributaries, where the seaweed grows densely. I and another guy (who's the veteran) wade in to the water to harvest it with our hands, right next to the shore. I pull up up large piles of the stuff. I think I'd never want to eat this seaweed, as I consider this place very dirty/contaminated.

    Later [another dream?] I tell someone how I was able to breathe underwater with a short snokle....[and maybe about how that was a good time to RC?]

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