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    by , 06-21-2022 at 06:49 AM (72 Views)
    bedtime 23:20, out of bed 08:10
    final waking ~07:30

    some dreaming, but memories from earlier in the night faded quickly
    emphasized going back to sleep quickly for good, 8 hours of sleep
    need to record keywords at each waking.

    + see boy scout equipment lying around on ground, see my inflatable ThermaRest pad, I'm picking out/up equipment, choose an [imaginary] saw? Blue colored? large, rounded teeth, like a saw-tooth shark nose

    + following a (plane?car) up a narrow windy hill road, I'm tailgating it, it's (we're?) going to take off?

    Some vivid moments but the memories really fade quickly upon waking. Need to work on grabbing recall instantly after waking before even the smallest movement

    + away from home base at some sort of cafe/restaurant/rest stop, I walk by some girls on my right and glance side-long at them, I see one (I know her?) with large breasts, the outline/shape of which are shown by her clothing.

    Talking with someone about whether or not we should return, considering it's a 30-minute drive, they encourage me to go on home, so I do.

    Arriving near to home I'm laying back and spreading my legs wide and getting everything "aired out", I'mr riding on something without roof or walls.
    On the grounds, I see a straight long lower alley (of grass?) (with sloping sides leading down into it) leading far in to the distance, passing under a dark bridge at 90 degrees to the path. In the distance there is a (white? light colored) wall with graffiti written on it in different colors, words, and young people are busy scrubbing it off

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