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    2022-08-08 mid and late morning dreams: donuts, car & naked guy, security, bts, ST

    by , 08-09-2022 at 06:32 AM (363 Views)
    Bedtime: 23:00
    meditation/calming 22:30-23:00 sitting in chair next to bed with mask on

    saw a lot of dreamlets while sitting in the chair relaxing

    woke around 05:00 with recall, delved and recovered more, but pretty wired awake. Took out earplugs so as to hear alarm. Mind wandering until about 06:00, decided to get serious about relaxation, put in earplugs because wife was noisy, wrapped t-shirt around head and then sleep mask on top, since it also covers the ears it helps keep it quiet. it's also more comfortable because the shirt is cotton and while the mask is silk the cushion inside is synthetic I'm sure.

    Mind still really jumpy. Can't settle on a meditation or visualization. Need to plan one ahead of time.

    Settled on Breathing relaxation, really focused on letting all tension go. Body scan from feet up to arms with relaxation, then began the yoga nidra track sequence, but stopping at each point to move awareness there and REALLY relax it with an inhale longer exhale. Didn't make it through the left side before falling asleep! Did a few half-assed SSILD cycles before that, too.

    + in bed, see Suz. Bunt.

    + sharing 3 concentric stacked huge donuts with the hugely fat woman

    final waking OOB 07:40

    + DJ MEO #1 2022-08-08 on mac notes
    Three scenes:
    - sitting outside back against building looking out over open field to sidewalk beyond, woman to my left? Brief ST?
    - woman invites me to priest's house, say I have other business, "yeah we all do", think maybe it's a good idea to go there.
    - meet a young blonde woman in a store (I know her?), she doesn't want to come with me and says so, I promise that "she goes first" and she agrees, she
    has a large triangular piece of foil-wrapped cheese with her, we're trying to decide if we should just shoplift it or pay for it, decide to pay, I hand her money to the
    cashier and return the change to her. I see a $5 note left on the check-out counter under the cash register drawer next to a yellow piece of (monopoly money?), and ask if that
    is ours as well. I'm in my sister's room with the girl on a twin bed on wheels in the middle of the room, I think we should move to the less-mobile beds on the walls of the room, she falls off to the left, laughs and says "I'm naked!" I answer "that's the idea!" and pull her up and engage with her <ahem>, she seems very sensitive but likes it, she says "that's better than before where you were just getting saliva all over me!". I look up and notice the open window is looking out on a busy city street with people standing there, I don't want them to look in [DS], go to close the blinds, notice a door right there leading in to the room from the outside and think my sister and brother in law could come home and catch us at any moment. I also notice an entrance to a mall/office building right there as well, I think we should move to my old room where we'll have privacy. I go back to the girl and I see that she is now dressed in a fancy red dress, I say "No, no, no!" (I don't want the ST to be over), she says "I bought this for <the later event?>," I see the price tag, I see "13,...." and think "Oh my god it cost $13,000?!?!?" I look again and think no, that's just 13 in <local currency>", wake up.

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    1. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      Thanks to you, I looked up what "SSILD" is. I think I might give it a try. How is it working for you?
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Hi Timothy P. Meh. I never really had much luck with SSILD. But I'm a difficult back-to-sleep-er -- any sort of thoughts tend to keep me awake.
      Timothy Paradox likes this.
    3. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      Mmh, that's unfortunate. I'm trying to get into LD'ing after not doing it for over a decade, but still unsure which technique I should settle on.
    4. FryingMan's Avatar
      WBTB is one of the most effective ways to increase success. MILD is highly effective and beginner friendly (or returning veteran after a long time away).
      Build strong intent, and adopt a critically reflective attitude towards your experiences in waking life. In short, *be* lucid in waking life, and lucidity in dream will follow.
      Of course follow the standard advice: build dream recall, DJ, etc. It never hurts to re-read the first 3 chapters of ETWOLD. The ETWOLD approach is so effective that I think that's all one really needs to get back into it. Some people like SSILD, but I never found it worked for me. LDing is highly personal, experiment, and find what works for you. Good luck!
      Timothy Paradox likes this.