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    by , 08-31-2022 at 12:37 PM (185 Views)
    + driving on a street, a large wagon blocks our path and drives up along the driver's side of ours, slowly, but forcing us off the road into a parking garage, where there is an entrance blocking arm, (I can't figure out how to operate it?), a (black?) guy comes up and shows a control area with cards, you have to buy like a monthly subscription to the garage in order to park there.

    +[f] something about paying back a loan, thinking about how it'd get done, some currency conversion had to be done between dollars and (foreign currency).

    + I see Suzanne, she is with a guy, I thought she would come up to me and we'd be together, she comes up and give me a brief hug, I tell her that I'm glad that she found a friend,. We're walking with them and a group of others, it's an urban setting, concrete ground, we walk past a carport (to a restaurant?) and Suzanne says that her laundry is in a dryer here, I think it's odd that she has her laundry spread around the city in various washer/dryers and I say "man you guys do laundry in the strangest of places!" We walk past along the side of a restaurant building, it's a McDonalds, I see a sign on the corner that has the word "milkshakes" in it, I think, "I'm in America, so I see all of the American restaurants, it was a salad bar McDonald's, full of the lowest level / sleaziest people. We're inside and I hear the employees of the McD's talk about the mechanics of how the customers will take food on to their plates. I turn a couple 90-degree corners to the left and arrive at the entrance area, people are waiting in front of a hostess (or cashier) in an entry area, I sit down on a bench past the hostess, there are people on my right approaching me, I want (Suzanne?) to come with next to me but there are people in front of her that may take that spot.

    + sitting in a small room with some windows, I'm trying to avoid having anybody look through the windows and see what's on my screen [DS], I look out of one small window (it's up pretty high) and see a pile of debris that reaches up to the window and an opening beyond it, I think that's pretty good, nobody will come and look through that window. A young Indian man comes up to the central/longer window and enters the room, apparently he was actual Mexican so I started fake-speaking Spanish in nonsense words.

    last dream before alarm @ 0700

    + I was standing before a tall cabinet/dresser with a woman / boss to my left and a man to my right, and some prisoners/captives around on the other side of the wall where the cabinet is standing. On top of the cabinet is a box with stuff, there's a smaller container with lots of small bits of jewelry in it, I pour out the contents (I think it belongs to my 1st [deceased] wife?), and I'm looking through it and pick out bullets. Once I gather a handful of bullets, I pick up an unloaded semi-automatic pistol from the dresser top and hand everything to the boss woman who says "what are these?" , I answer "bullets," she says "it's good to give the impression that we're having a conversation, so I hand the things to the woman and we start to have a pretend conversation, just saying words without much meaning

    (partial, more to transcribe)

    + MEO 2022-08-30 #1

    from several days ago:

    + outdoors daytime city, a large / tall bus/truck is making a right turn and a smaller (SUV?) vehicle tries to zip past the truck also turning right, but the bus turns too sharply and knocks into the car, causing it to roll over to the right several times. When it comes to rest I wonder if anyone left alive inside.

    + after McDonald's scene, we pass a member of our group of people who were walking around, he's up on a platform, he's there with his wife and kid, and he's completely dsassembled his car (the engine especially) into many different pieces which are all laying about. He says as we pass, "I love physics!" His wife is frustrated because he's completely disassembled the car.

    + [f] at some point earlier I had a clsoe-up view o car cylinder, and how you had to push and pull the cylinder parts to get it to operate.

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