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    2022-09-14 one short but clear segment

    by , 09-14-2022 at 06:09 AM (138 Views)
    +[f] something about women and documents at work?

    Final waking:

    + I'm on a high place outside in daytime, looking down upon a street that is lined with tall trees. There is a man there standing by the open trunk of his car and I know he is up to no good. I fly down parallel to the sidewalk away from him in order to circle around clockwise over the street and film him and catch his license plate. My [deceased] 1st wife is sitting in a car that I fly over, she either tells me not to interfere or I tell her. I'm hovering over the street about 20 feet in the air trying to get a clear shot of the man's license plate on my cell phone, which I'm using to video the scene. Trees are interfering with getting a clear shot as I fly past.

    Then (later?) I'm telling my sons to get into and start the engines on our several cars that are parked on the street in front of the "bad man." As we move from car to car, about the 3rd car, a man driving a beat-up white van backs from a driveway or side street onto the street just in front of our car, and I'm a bit annoyed about this.

    + [vague] something about me and my sons being in trouble?

    + [vague] something about my stocks going up?

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