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    2022-09-19 and 2022-09-20 uptick in recall

    by , 09-20-2022 at 07:59 PM (155 Views)

    + on an airplane, it's coming in for a "landing" via vertical nose dive straight to the runway with lots of banking; in ground transport with my group, I'm trying to count my luggage, my green backpack is missing

    + driving on a road, crazy drivers are always cutting me off , they're driving at odd angles, at some point I sort of chuckle "there goes another one!" [almost on the edge of the idea that this could be a dream?]

    + at a (youth?) hostel, the door is locked, and people both inside and outside are waiting for the manager to unlock it; inside, I go through reception, (I ask about my green backpack?)

    + See deceased dog, young, bright copper color, on a driveway outside in twilight, some patches of snow on the ground, wife mentions that I am on retreat; see my old car (toyota or ford) parked across the street

    + At home, there is a massive flood on my floor, the water runs out and down to lower levels, all the way to the neighbor's, they complain; I get furious [DS] at a young (renter?) and demand they leave; two other young guests perform a "poopy head" joke with poop in a box, I yell at them to leave

    + observe/playing a pool/billiards game



    + With deceased 1st wife, outside, I'm "skating" in my shoes on patches of ice on the pavement, back and forth; she gets out her skis and hops down onto the frozen river, it's doesn't look good to me, too wavy, and exposed water; some guys are tumbling around in a room

    + I'm high on a cliff/wall overlooking a large body of clear water (lake/ocean), I'm planning to jump down, I'm scanning for rocks/obstacles, and plan my jump to land in a sufficiently deep area; get out of the water, and (eating chips?)


    + Arrive in a cafe with lots of people, we're meeting a (realtor? finance advisor) there, a woman sitting on a couch, one of two, looks up to us, we greet; she advises that a particular piece of paper is all we need to establish ownership of our property, and "you can use it for escrow or future needs", I'm a bit surprised by this

    + Walking in the aisle between cubes at work [DREAMSIGN big time], in one cube a guy is working with multiple screens/computers, and I think that's because he's testing a lot of different graphics cards all at once

    + [f] twilight, something about a football game [DS]
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