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    by , 11-07-2022 at 09:54 AM (252 Views)
    pretty bad night of sleep, dreams faint and vague except for final ones
    Took my sleep cocktail but I got upset at bedtime and it pretty much ruined the night for me. Couldn't sleep until about 1am, then awake again around 6am

    + odd visions of torture/restraint harnesses that involve embedding an iron peg in the head of the victim and then attaching that to head mountings and other restraints (must have been a dream because I can't remember anything else during the day like that)

    + [vague, forgotten] some outdoor adventure with people?

    + [medium long sequence, fairly vivid but low awareness] driving a very high public bus in city traffic. My view is really high, like from the top of a 2 story bus or even higher (more like the 3rd story). Merging in and out of traffic with other busses, going through stoplights. It seems like I have to stop at every building and wonder if the passengers are going to demand a stop at every building.

    Arrive to building and enter it on foot, get on to an escalator and we stop, there are people riding ahead of us, we have to wait our turn to make progress, the escalator forks anlike a "Y" and goes off in two directions, I'm mostly looking/going on the left fork There are attractive young women on the escalator, long hair, beautiful, I think <my location> sure has a lots of hot women!" Finally making progress, I'm following a (cheerleader? the outfit looks like that) who has no panties on and is flashing her <ahem> when her skirt bounces
    up, I also notice a lot of purple bruising on her bottom.

    I move on from that group and into a ladies' clothing area/dressing room. There are parallel rows of racks of women's clothing hung up and at the end of each row is an (open) dressing room. Each room has someone changing in it . They're mostly in panties but I see about the 3rd one from the right is topless and is really quite large/endowed in that department, I get a bit of a look but as always am a bit shy to be boldly staring. I move towards the rightmost aisle and feel a bit sheepish because I want to ask the manager if I can try out a woman's outfit that I want to preview for my [1st] wife. He says "of crouse!" and I look at the outfit (but don't put it on), I'm closely inspecting the material [DS], and I notice a lot of blotching on the right sleeve as I look at it, and think this suit is spoiled, but then my wife arrives and says it looks fine.

    + [vivid] turning through the pages of a very large (1m square) standing photo album from back to front, I think this is a purchase requirement for an Apple laptop and the laptop itself is glued/mounted to the first page, once I turn to the front it will be there for me. There are large photos on the pages taking up most of the space, but a few inches around the edges are empty for a framing effect. I notice that a lot of glue has been applied to the photos to attach them to the paper pages of the book, in fact so much that each corner looks like a spider web of frilly/hazy white glue (I think I touch a bit of it). Flipping through the book I see many faces: individuals, mostly young, it seems to be like a school yearbook. Guys, girls, single, and in groups. I'm looking for a particular woman and only see her at the very front, she is standing to the (viewer's) left in a group shot, she is wearing a lot of makeup. She still looks different than expected [and no laptop, forgot about that in the dream]

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    1. Rodulf's Avatar
      Sounds like the dreams I used to have when under a huge amount of stress that kicked in my PTSD. Took a lot of inner work to clear that up. Stress is the killer of a good dream-life.
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    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Yeah I went to sleep upset.
    3. Rodulf's Avatar
      It has taken me a LOT of inner work to reduce my stress levels and trauma memories.
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