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    2022-11-06 much worse sleep, but some late morning weak dreams

    by , 11-06-2022 at 09:28 AM (101 Views)
    Didn't take any L-theanine, only took 500mg L-tryptophan, and BOY what a difference! Poor sleep (LOOONG wakeful period about 4:30-7 or longer), no dreaming, until miraculously I was able to fall asleep between around 7 and 7:30, and had some dreams, which I remembered fairly well, especially the ones closer to waking. But fairly weak, low awareness, presence generally low

    + observing two girls (in a park?) by a fence, a young girl and her older late teen sister. I have some eye contact with the older sister, briefly. Then another woman lies near them. I have a vague view of the older girl's and the woman's privates. My [deceased 1st] wife goes to take a closer look at them. I think they're gypsies. MEO

    + back inside my home, I'm doing something (reading?) when earlier wife comes in and asks me to do something, to which I feel irritation, but then our sons (as young boys) both enter the room and this alleviates the need to do anything / get up and I feel relief.

    + I'm walking outside on a path (snowy?) pass by two young women walking. I glance to the right and see a rectangular (black) sleeping bag laid out on the ground on a spot I think where people sleep. I arrive to a place where I'm looking for son S1, he's supposed to be doing something productive (studying?) but instead I see him peek out from around a wall where I know he's playing on the computer instead.

    Later I'm walking and hear S1 screech and think he's cut his arm very badly, and is bleeding. I come up to him, he's seated with his back to me, and he is cradling his (right?) arm like it's hurt. I do not see any wound.

    + I'm inspecting a low garden fence [DS, inspecting an object closely] and thinking about its construction. The front is a bit weather-beaten and rotting, while on the back side, where it's open and you can see the construction, the wood seems in good shape. It is constructed by a bunch of vertical rectangular wooden boards all bound together. A section farther on is a combination of brick, mortar and wood, and the seam between the brick and wood is badly done and the brick part wobbles loose if you touch it. I wonder about the good wooden part, how it's not rotten if it's been exposed to the rain for a long time.

    Then son S2 is digging around in a box around the brick area and a very large insect emerges, I think at first it's a pill bug, that sort of big and scary bug, but it gets bigger and crawls out, and I end up bashing it with a stick or something and it deflates and is stunned, the texture like a partially deflated mylar balloon. Son S1 and I get close to look at it and I see a head of a rabbit, and I think & say that this was a zombie bug that infected the rabbit. We have now to put the rabbit out of its misery, I'm squeamish and get son S1 to do it, I think he'll have to cover it with a blanket and stomp on its head to kill it, but I think that this will spray its guts all over the place and be very messy.

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