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    2022-11-25 music, warrior monk, vacuum cleaning

    by , 11-25-2022 at 05:50 PM (85 Views)
    Short scenes, terrible night of sleep according to fitbit, despite Huberman cocktail (first time it's failed...I went a little light on the Mag L-Threo, maybe need the full 144mg?)

    + playing in a rehearsal/concert, lots of solos, fun music. Then I get a glance at the sheet music I was supposed to be playing, it's made up of a lot of boring whole notes, and weird 16-/32-64th notes.

    + (I'm a?) warrior monk, and I/we're upset that we have to fight (some other warriors?), I thought when we signed up that we'd be fighting exclusively creatures from the forrest. Arrive at a door, there's a pile of books there, these will lead to wisdom. They're all Sherlock Holmes books. Snow or sawdust is blown away revealing a name carved in block letters in the stone, WHEATON. Find him and we'll find the truth (?). Inside the building, I'm balancing on a walkway high above the story below, a bit concerned about falling.

    + Vacuuming the insides of a suitcase. I'm showing (my wife?) how to do it properly, you have to use a circular motion of the brush head to get all the stuff up. Towards the latch there are a lot of short whiskers or animal hair.

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    1. cedwards105's Avatar
      Any idea who or what Wheaton is?