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    2022-12-04 00:00 Competition night #3 Lots of content, many scenes, fairly vivid

    by , 12-04-2022 at 10:12 AM (146 Views)
    Competition night #3
    2022-12-04 00:00

    + [f] = fragment
    + = dream
    -------- = scene boundary
    [true] [false] memory notes, true or false
    [DS] = dream sign
    (?) = unsure about some detail
    [vivid, etc] = notes about dream quality and characteristics (lighting, location urban/suburban/outdoors, etc)
    [ss] = short summary, detail coming later
    [DR] = day residue, from a waking experience/memory

    Bedtime ~ 00:25 2022-12-04

    first waking (~04:19?)

    + walking in large indoor space, mall, with a group of young work colleagues, pass a group of professors who are discussing which lecture to attend (they're leaving the area/university?), up ahead is a wall where old things are stored (?), as we walk by a group of young guys kneeling on the ground among large piles of old computer printouts they call out my name, I stop and turn to them (wondering how they know my name) and they hand me some old university CS printouts of my projects (which I apparently never picked up from the computer center?). I glance through them and say I want to see the coding style of "old coder me," and this elicts a snicker from some of the guys, I mumble something about being very structured (in order to write cleaner/safer code?).
    Walking along a hallway I see some small (red?) round objects with protrusions on them. I know these are round boardgame pieces that have had external anchors attached to them with protruding bits that stops them from rolling (makes it easier to pick them up, they don't roll far away from you). These are very popular right now I know. I'm at a check-out stand with others behind me in line, parents are buying presents.

    WBTB + MILD, several minutes sitting up on edge of bed, visualizing scenes from prior dream, seeing myself recognize the dream, getting lucid, and performing compeition goals

    [take 300mg AlphaGPC (no galantamine), to see if there's an effect on the 2nd night after taking galantamine
    following a somewhat long BTS was a fairly long series of dreams, many scenes, vivid, and in two separate cases I was writing in my DJ in the dream.]

    + [f] in room at table eating plate they insist I share. I sit down, on the right end of the long table, my plate is full of food. The guys there want me to share and I'm not particularly interested, think they should have brought their own.

    + [f] at table outside looking at/talking about/ adjusting the blanket there, the blanked is spread along a long bench

    + [f] GHW Bush in outdoor confessional cabinet (the size/ shape of a port-a-potty) with raspberries on long stalks sticking out from cabinet

    + get into car with JSH (company N) toothpicks are broken up on the ground, pull up to stop sign, a bit too far, kids want to cross, woman cop tells JSH to back it up, he does but then yells on the window at her the code number of the law that justifies how he was driving, he's arguing with her. I'm sitting in the back seat, put on my seat belt, but realize I've ended up in the uncomfortable middle seat. There's a guy seated to my right. I take off my seat belt and move to the left seat behind the driver and put back on the seatbelt.
    I arrive to a large open area there's a high table packed with very advanced instruments, like electronic microscopes and telescopes. I'm being interviewed about my time with JSH, I mention that I'm not really interested in JSH knowing my name. The crowd then calls out "oooooo!", like they think I did something bad and don't want the boss to know. There's then a scene with a woman who is manipulating "high definition" displays, with a side-by-side comparison between low and high definition. The high definition screen, though, has a lot of sparkly noise on it, about which she is commenting. I see the noise sparklies.
    In a room with re-tiled/stone floor, sunken in middle, we're redoing the floor in the house, I look at and observe the pattern of materials on the ground (CL is there?). The floor is largely spotted marble, and I wonder about the decorative correctness of that quantity of similar pattern spread all around the (fairly large, otherwise empty) room, boy tosses stone fragment onto the ground and I shout at him repeatedly "DON'T THROW STONE!" (because it will break/shatter). I poke/pinch him, he pinches me back in retaliation, I pinch/poke again, he does it back again. I say I'm not trying to punish him, just get his attention. The woman cop from the traffic stop is here (we're in a relationship?). A lot of people are standing around in the room.
    Standing with a large crowd of people outside a pool where they are playing a game (water polo?) The pool is raised up and the surface of the water is at shoulder level. The ball flies in our direction (I'm standing with my female cop girlfriend?), I reach out my hand and "bop" the ball throwing it back into the game action.

    [waking, reviewing dreams, planning keywords to write, specifically about GHW Bush]

    + [f] outside, daylight, writing my DJ entry about GHW Bush into a ceramic ashtray with a pen that is not leaving much ink, some people (old men?) are around and I think wondering what I'm doing

    + [f] walking down a hallway with a friend, we pass the door of a room where a girl I like is, we knock on the door and move down the hallway a bit (not to look too desperate?) and when she opens we stop and turn back and talk with her. My best friend MR is there at a corner, he's saying we have a full itinerary and we need to get moving [DR movie Darjeeling Limited]

    + I'm (lying/sitting on ground?) writing my DJ (on wood? The pen is leaving no ink but is writing words by leaving an impression in the wood) when my wife L walks up to me. I don't want her to look in to my DJ but she does. The words I'm writing which she sees are "oh, mom," and I explain this is not the phrase "oh, mama," as in an outburst made when seeing an attractive woman, I don't want her to be jealous. Thought: "the ants are coming."

    + in group sitting on floor, 3 women enter the room. They all have been exposed to very bright sunlight and have light/dark marks on their faces showing the outlines of the masks they were wearing. (something about "sun discs"), I'm lying with a girl who likes me, she takes my right hand in hers, one of the woman is my wife L, I don't want her to see, I feel conflicted about this, I take my hand away from the girl's (but she takes it again)? I ponder the complicated love triangle we're in, I don't want to hurt my wife. (The girl with me is the female cop?)
    I'm standing outside (in a KFC drive through?) trying to figure out where to spend the night. My (cop girlfriend?) says I should (come stay with her?). I make a decision and say "why bother? It's out of my way." (the current location is where I need to be in the morning. I think I've made a confident, correct decision (that I'm going to ditch the g/f and remain with my wife?)

    [final dream/waking]

    + walking along a river on the embankment (on right side relative to direction) with friend, they go down to water and start wading through it, the water is totally transparent [DS] and I see fish swimming [DS], they grow larger as I watch, they swim by my friend and I call out to check out these huge fish. There are a lot of them, sort of baracuda looking. As they swim by him he (or a cat with him) jump in surprise. I'm looking for a way to get to him. I look down and see ladders leading down straight into the deep (green, not transparent) water, I don't want to get my feet wet. I see a way across eventually, I sit down on the edge of the overhang over the water and reach my feet to a raised pipe/valve on the far bank and scoot/hop down to that side. The way forwards is either directly via wading in the water, or I notice there's a sandy path curving up along the sloping bank. My son S1 is behind me and he says something, I respond about my hip being troublesome, I catch a reflection of myself (imagined? no mirrors here) and I'm in my 20's, slim, but with no muscle definition in my arms.

    OOB 09:25
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