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    2022-12-05 00:00 Competition night #4

    by , 12-05-2022 at 09:45 AM (57 Views)
    Competition night #4
    2022-12-05 00:00

    + [f] = fragment
    + = dream
    -------- = scene boundary
    [true] [false] memory notes, true or false
    [DS] = dream sign
    (?) = unsure about some detail
    [vivid, etc] = notes about dream quality and characteristics (lighting, location urban/suburban/outdoors, etc)
    [ss] = short summary, detail coming later
    [DR] = day residue, from a waking experience/memory

    Bedtime ~ 23:25 2022-12-04

    [time uncertain]

    + I'm in (my?) home [false] and I go outside to a terrace. There is a group of people there, some seated on a railing and some standing behind it. They are all looking at me, with a sort of disapproving expression, some I think are people who used to live here, and I want them to go away but they stay right there. I also see RitDal and her parents [including deceased mother]. She is thinking that I will have (to do something? consequences?) for my <foreign> residency. They wonder if I know about the relevant laws.
    I go back inside and a large built tall young man comes inside, too. We make some sort of transaction with cash.

    + I start an lengthy calculation on the computer, set to use all the CPU time. Walking from my room into another room, someone monitoring the computer system says the CPU usage is spiking, I say "yeah, that's from me, I'm compiling a shader." I return to my room, it's fairly large and mostly empty, there are windows on the right wall and in the far right corner a large bed up against the windows. The computer desk is against the window wall to the right in the close corner. I look this room and think I'm one of the lucky ones to have a single room, this is unusual, and I can rest here because of the bed. A colleague (small asian man?) is with me and we go to the computer table.

    [very groggy decide against WBTB, BTS]

    [05:00 waking, bathroom, WBTB, MILD using above scenes, set intent for LD]

    [A number of short dreams/fragments interspersed with wakings follows]

    + I'm in a room in a medical clinic. I see the (young male) doctor in the area outside, I recognize him as having seen my on a prior visit (and performed some procedure?). My kids and I are spinning "tops" (like cymbals of different sizes, mostly small) via wound-up cord, 2-3 of these. Outside on a walkway through a door I notice a very high inverted-"V" shaped climbing wall (like used for dog obstacle courses), several stories tall, mention it, son S2 says yeah, they had one of those. I leave the room to the central nurse's station from which rooms radiate in all directions. There is a man from a neighboring room there, I go to his door [more? forgotten].
    Back in my room there are kids taking popsicles from the (bottom) freezer of the fridge, kids are coming in to the room to do this. One of the kids takes the freezer door with her. "Hey, you can't take that!" I tell her. She says her mom said she wanted in in order to wash the kid's dress (there is a small basin indentation in the door that could hold water if turned upright). I tell her to leave the door and instead ask the nurses for a washbasin.

    + [f] Lying down on my back, my 1st wife E is kissing my stomach. I think some "frisky" time with her would be a nice change of pace.

    [Notes: "clinic for men", "modelling project", I do not recall any detail about these phrases!]

    + A war games scene begins on the ocean. A plan has (crash?) landed there by the docks. I go to look at the uniforms of the soldiers to see which ones are good guys and which ones are (German?) enemies. One solider is cowering with his knees drawn up in a corner, there is one with an enemy patch who is in a small jar. I take the jar and open it, filling it with water, and screw back on the top and let it sink in the ocean, I think this is sort of messed up drowning him like that. Inside a room then with my sons as small kids, I see that they have contributed to the pile of magazines on the floor, but I see that they've added magazines in <foreign> language, I'm concerned about backlash from this and tell them pick them up from the pile.

    + I'm walking with my son S1 and his wife to go register all of us at B high school, my old school. We're in downtown B. I know a short-cut to the office and lead is there. We're there on the large campus, I look around and wonder what S1 thinks of this school, it's really large. I "remember" that the office is in the center of a long building on the far side of the campus from where we enter. We go there and I'm trying to figure out if we go inside or what, then I see that there is a service window with counter that opens up to the outside and that other students are lining up there, so I figure that's where we go to register and get our class schedule. We're going to need to present out passports as ID. I'm a bit concerned that the officials will notice all the <foreign> stamps in our passports and that this might be an issue.

    + [f] standing at the registration desk for a preschool, located on a high walkway. The young kid who's registering has brought home baked cookies and we hope that these are sufficient to be admitted to the school. Behind me on an external stairway leading down are other parents waiting in line.

    OOB 07:54

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