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    2022-12-11 comp night #10 LUCIDD #275, #276, #277

    by , 12-11-2022 at 08:27 AM (116 Views)
    + hideaway by the sea: transforming door locks, secretary, no office equipment (file folders, trash can liners), she says don't bother with the liners and I imagine people just emptying the cans and crumpled up papers

    + lunch in cafeteria, big bread, long fries, sauce with beige colored ants crawling all over it

    [7th-hour waking]

    + ST by trailer

    + car broken into, driving with no shoes; ST in hallway

    + mirror room that doesn't reflect (was removed?); ST

    + CH bathroom w/strange door and no toilet but hole in floor that flushes itself

    + plane diving towards sea

    + ST at pool

    + [LUCIDD #275] in room with "teammates" talking about this being a shared lucid dream and flying over blue ocean water, we take off and land in a number of different places

    + [LUCIDD #276] in mall sitting on automated toy horse and group of young people come by who also want on the horse, I say "I'm lucid again, you know!" interact with one DC [frisky time], then decide to do hand through wall, "WHOA!" they say when I stick my hand into the white wall halfway up the forearm, I take it out and tap the wall showing that it's still solid, then more frisky time with another one from the group who shrinks, and I transform her back up to human size, scene fades

    + [LUCIDD #277] [DEILD] I maintain dreamy mind and I return to a dream scene in CH home sister's room, I cause some roses to grow on a bare plant in a vase in front of my eyes, 3-4 flowers of different types and shapes and colors appear, walk in hallway to find place where can do walk through big solid object, reject bathroom, reject hall wall leading to my old bedroom, decide on closed door to parents' room, try to walk through, "there is no door", but instead as my legs power forwards they knock into the door, opening it (but as two halves of a 2-sided door, each side opening to their side, like the swinging double doors in an old Western saloon), people are in the room talking, there's a painting of a "live" girl there, ST with the painting [LOL], I hear my mom's voice and think I should turn and talk to her but keep going at it with the painting until I wake up
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