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    2022-12-13 comp night #12

    by , 12-13-2022 at 11:05 AM (54 Views)
    bedtime ~ 01:00, final waking ~11:00 (w00t!)

    + walking through B hills (down LaLo) with MiOliv [frid] we come to an open area and I have the urge to fly. I launch myself but I fall. MO jumps down very far I can't believe he doesn't break both his legs when he falls

    + on the LHS plaza there's a lot of police action, I had received a phone call and the black-uniformed B police are there to interview me about it

    + in a club/restaurant that is filled to waist level with water, I see that the new management has installed stepping pads on top of the water to make it easier to get around. I walk by the manage's corner which is a desk on carpet in a corner without water. The manager walks by me and stuffs some cash bills into my hand and says for me to take care of the place while she's out, but she's given me so little that I doubt that I'll be able to do anything effective. I walk by the (statue?) of some guy in a narrow part of a corridor, he's large with a big round head and face and I notice the beard stubble on his cheeks/chin, I think he perhaps was a (golf?) competitor with me.

    + in a large room like a hostel or hotel bedroom, there are beds there, I'm in the process of checking out (?) but not really ready to go, 2 women arrive and sit on my bed/chairs and won't move, I notice that the beds are really dirty

    Long periods BTS, success!

    + Sherlock Holmes type detective story on HC, I'm carrying a hose with water shooting out of it and I walk over to the Man's house and look down their long driveway. We're folding a large flapping sheet/flag. Walk towards entrance of HC and look up in the sky and see dancing bright lights [DS!!!! HOW DID I MISS THIS! Such a solid DS!], they become dogfighting planes shooting missiles at each other. As I watch, and as they dodge and maneuver, they come closer. They look very CG with wireframe visible along with the texturing. Some fly right over head very close by. One lands next to me, sort of round-ish Millensium-Falcon looking, I'm lying down now on my back, the thing after landing is the size of a large toy/child's model airplane, I wave to it.

    + SOmeone is making bootleg Nintendo cartridges. The trick is using a cracked version of the security chip inside the cartridge. In a store selling these cartridges.

    + [f] see a girl's [ahem]
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