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    2022-12-14 comp night #13

    by , 12-14-2022 at 10:59 AM (48 Views)
    bedtime 2022-12-14 00:45
    final waking & OOB 08:45

    very decent dreaming night, good variety through the night and fairly good recall. Short bit of lucid-like control (spiderman web-slinging) at the end but not counted as lucid. final dream upsetting but still vivid and interesting.

    Long awake period starting around 06:00. LONG, probably 1-2 hours at least. finally made it back to sleep and had a series of fragments/short scenes


    + [f] in a kitchen, we're cooking something, I'm wondering if we have enough flavor packs to cook what we want to, or if I'll have to go to the store to buy more

    + [f] standing in the rain looking down a tree-lined long, straight, dirt road

    + [f] lying in bed with wife E, TV is on beyond foot of bed, I have a control, there is something going on with the volume? I'm on right side, I lean over and take E in my arms and say "I loooooove youuuuu!"

    + in a (work?) bathroom, large, multi-chambered room with high, tiled walls, pathways leading between the chambers, I put my plate of food with (chicken nuggets and tater tots?) down on the counter, I go to another chamber and want to get back and can't find my way there for a while, I do get there eventually and the tater tots are gone, there is a man there and he comments something?

    + in a work cafeteria line, with a girl, the cafeteria counter extends for a long distance straight in front of me, on my left, I'm thinking that the girl I'm with will have the beef, there are large cuts of beef and all sorts of meat with a worker stationed there behind the counter to slice and serve it.

    + in car outside old PTL home, kids party, I'm taking pictures from a hidden location inside my car, my wife E is outside the car to the left. I get out of the car to my right, I'm trying to move the pictures to a hidden location before I'm seen, I don't make it in time, my wife walks by me but doesn't look at what I'm doing

    + I'm at the pool with my young kids. They're in the water. I particularly see S2. There is a large crowd of people at the gate waiting to get in to the pool area, on the other side of the pool from where I'm standing something is blocking them so they can't get in.

    LONG BTS, but success!

    + I'm a guest in a house, my dog's fur is all over my clothing and getting on the carpet/blanket , won't invite me back be, vacuum it up, yellow balloon stuck in vacuum, plug in to vacuum module, but no bag so dust bubbles out making a mess, the guys there say "Hi, <my name>"

    + sitting on ground on blue mat in group people all around, waiting for some talk/presentation to start. My feet are out in front of me, bent at the knee. Two young guys (mid-late teen) sit down right at my feet and begin playing a game. They totally ignore me and don't care about impinging on my space. The one on the left is leaning his arm on my leg, and I'm trying to reposition my feet so that they're not sitting right on top of them. After a while of me moving my feet, the guy on the right looks and me and says "What's your problem?" I get mad and retort "I was here first! You came and sat down right on top of me!"

    + [DO view] two small airplanes nearly collide in mid-air, they land, they avoided collision by adjusting their wings, both have wing structures where about 1-2 foot length of the tip of the wing can fold back onto the larger wing, reducing the wingspan. I think this means (when the tips are folded back and the wings are shorter) that the plane weight can't be supported as well. The pilots have landed on a hill overlooking a large flat area below with buildings and hangars, and they are planning a stunt where they take off/glide straight down the hill, perform a loop-de-loop then land and park inside the hangar.

    + actress recites long speech in scene being filmed (in a library? multi-level), then the main actor enters and misses his mark, the director cuts the scene and talks to the man about where he's supposed to stand, then he praises the actress saying it was an ideal performance. I look around and see a level below the current level that we're standing on.

    [Long final dream follows with multiple scenes, remembered transitions mostly]

    + need charger for my flip phone, it's in my bag but I've left my bag somewhere
    see room with desks arranged in it
    trying to call wife L, phone doesn't work right, resets after a short time if you don't dial the full number, try to call her on speed dial she must be there
    Finally get a call to go through but a man answers it, I'm upset at this, he's like a photographer and my wife is partaking in a work bonus where she gets
    to do do a photoshoot. The man is irritated and quickly hangs up on me.
    standing at food table, my belongings are spread out all over the table, blocking other peoples' access to the table, one guy comes from the right and wants to get at the food, I'm trying to gather up my things getting them out of the way, there are so many things to gather up. I do clear some space and see the food: they are open-faced sandwiches, mostly just bread with cheese on top, like croissants or just slices of bread with shredded parmesan on top.
    I open up a back door and it leads outside to a deserted parking area, I hear Mexican music playing and think of getting some tacos somewhere.
    I enter a convenience store, I think I'm here in CA so I might as well get tacos or some corn tortillas. I see some tortillas stacked (not packaged) high on a shelf above eye level. I look at them, they're not all that appetizing but look mostly OK, I walk around to the other side of the shelf and see ready-made small burritos. Further inside the store there are a lot of people standing in line to order their lunch. The line looks too long (it must be the lunch hour) so I decide to leave and go somewhere else. At the exit a manger woman is sitting at a register, there is a turnstyle exit that only lets out one person at a time as a security measure. There are two buttons there and only one of them opens the turnstyle, people get hung up on that. My turn comes and I press the right button along the right wall, it is the wrong one, then I press the left button and it works.
    I'm out side and flying along a freeway, it is night-time: very dark twilight [DS], there are no cars on the freeway, I have a feeling that it is 1am, how did it get so late so suddenly? I think it may now be too late to call my wife. It being so late explains why there are no cars on the freeway (I'm fllying along the right shoulder). I have a very dirty large white sponge in my hands, and I want to throw it away, but I think, "Hey, this is CA, there will be a garbage can along soon" so I hold on to it to wait for a garbage can, I look along the road scanning for one but don't see one and forget about the sponge. I take a right off of the freeway and am flying high in the sky. It is still dark. I fly past a floating platform where a couple of (police?) security cameras are mounted. I want to call my wife, I'm not sure of the time, I think I will get the accurate time if I land and take out my iphone. I also think that I need to go to her apartment, but realize I don't know the way, how could I have forgotten it? I sort of get an idea but it's not clear. I see some buildings nearby and decide to land on a roof to call her. As I approach the buildings I fly up and gain a lot of altitude unwillingly, I want to land, so I decide to do a "spiderman web pull" where I shoot the webs from my hand and then do a sharp pulling movement, I do this and I fly quickly right towards the roof and land.

    I call my wife and I get through to her. She's upset. She says "I found what you had in (your report/presentation?) on your hard drive, it's DISGUSTING, and I found other things, (if I tell you what they are?) you WON'T be happy". I'm shocked, she's broken up with me, I'm just standing there with my mouth open in shock, and I slowly wake up in this very upset state, I'm lying in bed on my right side with my mouth open.

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