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    2022-12-15 comp night #14 last night: LUCIDD #279, #280

    by , 12-15-2022 at 10:54 AM (59 Views)
    + [f] moving through dark rooms, there is a locked door

    + with people who are rebranding a famous piece of music to be performed under a different stage name at B university, I see the tickets/banner for the concert, it is very clear, black and white lettering. I'm drilling someone with questions about how a musical group treats people. I want to know how they treat the members of the 2nd violin section [I don't play violin!], before I consider joining the group. I get upset that they are not addressing my questions [DS!!!], so I keep repeating them and getting more intense and angry.

    + with sis P and BIL M at the piano, P is giving advice on how to play a particularly tricky part of a piece, it involved reaching up under one's crotch and playing the notes that way, she also showed an approximate way of playing it, by reaching in to the piano and plucking the strings directly. I make the observation that "a piano is just a horizontal harp with keys"

    8mg galantamine, 600mg AlphaGPC, can't fall asleep for like 3-4 hours

    + at P & M's house, she is holding her baby [FALSE, no baby] in her arms, it takes a massive loud crap, I guess this means the diaper needs to be changed. I walk around her looking at her and I see some vague light beige "poop" has spilled out of the diapers onto her arm. I ask "anything I can do to help?" Someone answers, "No, P&M need to deal with this themselves".
    Walking around the house, I feel *really tired*. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to drive myself home. I wonder what time it is, I find a clock, it is only around 7pm, I'm going to have to figure out how to last the rest of the evening until the end.
    In the kitchen, I wonder if everybody likes the coleslaw I made, I ask them, I see dishes on a table with remnants of various salad dishes.

    + [LUCIDD #279, DILD] I'm in a large open area, sitting on a white table, I look around behind me and see my bag/wallet there, I think oh man I left those there, I hope nobody stole my money. I try to open my wallet to look inside, expecting it to be empty, but someone can't open it. Then I'm in the middle of a bunch of beds (it's a furniture store apparently), a huge wide open area, there's a woman there, I get lucid and come to her and we make out for a bit then the dream fades

    + I'm lying in bed in "my house" [FALSE], I look around, I'm confused, I see the dark brown/grey wood paneling on the walls [FALSE] I don't remember how I got home. I think about ordering some professional "companionship" and wonder how I'd pay: with credit cards?

    + [LUCIDD #280, DILD] Awake in a bed in a different house, I feel constricted by my clothing, like I really can't move, I sit up and try taking it off, look around, see that it's both a room in a house, yet it's open and in the distance I see a city skyline in bright daylight, get lucid, and despite the difficulty I'm having moving and the really tired/stuffy feeling in my head, like it's filled with cotton, I say "well might as well explore" and stand up and move to my right, which is towards a raised area which seems to be an office area and a kitchen. I catch a glimpse of movement there and think this is my "wife", and I "know" her name is "Vicki." "Vicki, here I am," I call out, "and I'm <ready for frisky time>", I get to the kitchen and look around but there's nobody there. Continuing to the right I enter a sort of utility closet/hallway area with a black door and a doorknob, I open the door and enter the garage. The visuals are really hazy, I have the impression of large white fluffy/fuzzy things, like several large cars parked next to each other all covered in snow [but I don't recognize it as snow]". Nobody there, still want to get frisky with "Vicki," so I go through another door which I think is a shortcut back into the living area where I started. Back in the living area, I look around and catch another glimpse of movement around a corner, move there and see "Vicki." She turns to face me, she is up against a desk or cabinet. I come up close and look into her face, at first her features are caucasian and really pretty, medium long brown hair, and I tell her "You're gorgeous!" Then as I study her face it begins to rapidly morph, like my mind is rifling rapid-fire through a series of remembered faces, her face changes many times within a few seconds, mostly to variants of young Asian women, sometimes to abstract things like a mask shape. "OK, If you're Asian, that means that you'll have <a particular anatomical feature>, pull down her pants to confirm this [not super clear], and begin some frisky time activity. In a second or two the dream fades.

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