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    2022-12-19 sleepus interruptus again, with BTS and more dreaming

    by , 12-19-2022 at 03:42 PM (130 Views)
    BT 00:45 19.12.2022

    + walk past company N group, they do not respond to my greetings. Outside, daytime, walking in bare hills?

    + company N stock window: standing about 20-30 feet back from a service window counter with 4 open windows with 4 parallel lines with people standing single-file. I'm in the 2nd line from the left, and it's the "purple" line. My line surges forwards and I see a bit closer to the front. Each window is different, and has a big title over each window, a range of digits, which I think has to do with the purchase price that the employee has made in the (ESPP?) plan. My old friend and colleague JoWei is at the front of my line, and is handing in pieces of people filled out in a matrix style. I think and say that these look like bingo cards.

    + JTy conversation. Company N colleague, asks me "how did you like the <conference>?" I answer that "I'm bummed, because I thought that somebody [from company N] would have called me back by now. JT says "call me, then I will be able to call you" (because it will be answering my call as opposed to reaching out to me, which he's apparently not allowed to do).

    + discovery and publication of an important math function, books, featuring arrows, the theory has been evolving over time. In a covered parking area at night time, I see pages of the books discussing this discovery, it involves diagrams with arrows on them.

    + screaming at (actors? characters?) from the hobbit on a dark hill just below me, trying to fly up to the top, can't fly, (they're dragging at my feet?), I'm screaming about how bad the movie adaptation was?

    came downstairs
    BTS (about 0.5 - 1 hour later?)

    + I'm preparing for a fight against an opponent, I have some apprentice (young girl?) who will fight my opponent's (dog?). I will fight with my sword, it is a long sharp slender rapier. I'm trying to find it. There are a pile of short kitchen knives, serrated knives, even a long and heavily serrated blade, but this is not my sword

    + sitting outside in daylight on a high ledge with son S2 on my left and S1 on my right. I say something about <term for oral sex performed on a woman>, son S2 says "c**t lips and a**hole!" I say "did he just say c* and a*?", son S1 says "vaginal...<something>".
    I move to the left, I'm hanging/floating outside a building's (2nd floor?) window, I'm inspecting growing vines there, I discern that there are cherry tomatoes growing there, (out of season so I'm a bit amazed?), I comment on this to the owner, I fall down towards the ground on my way down I pass a mass/web of (poorly seen) dark blobs which I think are spiders, continue down and I see another, larger such blob: dark/hazy poorly seen large clumps of spiders. Can't move on the ground, struggle to move, wake up in bed jerking my arm.

    + in a room indoors, neutral lighting. There is a girl there, babysitting a small weird creature. It is vaguely human, very small, with a small head, sort of "Dobby" looking from Harry Potter but smaller. It is sort of slightly moving around and wagging / turning its head. I say "he's so small!" she answers "yes due to his (medical) condition." She lies back raising her arms up, I notice some black pit hair, I think this means <other places> are hairy, too. I'm looking at her and wondering if I can engage with her. Is she too young? She mentions how dirty this place is (apparently my place?), how "you haven't picked up since I was here (2 weeks ago?)". I look around and see a lot of McDonald's wrappers, I begin picking these up. I see a number of sauce containers peel-off tops around and also pick these up.

    + With wife L. She's upset that I'm spending time (returning to?) a group led by "Hagrid" (?), she doesn't want me spending time there: "Leave his group!" she says. I say OK, you know best. She is either topless or in a tight halter/tank top and looks really sexy. We go to relax in a "water pod," we put our heads inside, and look up, and I'm amazed that I can breathe easily inside the water.

    final waking ~09:50, OOB 10:06

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