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    2022-12-20 and 2022-12-21 couple of scenes

    by , 12-21-2022 at 06:04 AM (172 Views)
    + in my room, on my laptop looking at (inappropriate) material, videos maybe, the screen zooms out of my control, and at that moment some guy enters my room. I'm frantically trying to cancel and close the video but the zoom feature is stuck and I'm pounding on the keyboard to try to get control back

    + outdoors daylight group of weird young people: two girls have <female privates> on the back of their heads, some dynamic action, squirrel woman?

    + church loud singing girl take up woman comes down her hands are bound leather metal ring
    In a Church large high ceilinged cathedral, slanting seating like in a stadium leading up to where the roof meets the floor, the priest and choir are chanting/singing but it's hard to hear them because there is a group of people behind me (leading downwards, I'm facing upwards as the floor climbs up) who are talking very loudly and drowning out the choir. There is a girl who is crying, her mother takes her up to the top there are beds/pods there and lays her down there, then comes back down to where I am in the pews, there's a guy next to me, (she has the face of a squirrel? don't remember this but it's in the notes), her hands are bound up over her head with a small black leather belt and there's a 1-inch chrome metal ring protruding out of the top of the leather belt.

    + kiss the pretty girl, "you're so beautiful!" (purple outfit?), observation platform up above: do they see me?
    We're lying on the ground in this open area, her teeth are fairly pronounced and her lips are thin

    + long table tea party with spitoon(s?) turns into meeting on language evaluations, "we used to be the rainmakers"
    (This is the observation area from the above scene?) People are sitting at a long narrow table [DS!!!!] like a picnic table. I'm observing from one point and everyone is sitting a few feet in front of me. There's one guy with a spitoon for his chewing tobacco (and he's spitting into it?), other people are serving and drinking tea, I wonder if someone's going to pour the spitoon out mistakenly as tea?
    Moving back up the table towards where I am people are reviewing documents, an opened book, I see a lot of words written there, it's a language guide? The group are instructors teaching (English? Linuistics?). Two people who have fallen out of favor and are no longer leaders of the group say "We used to be the rainmakers" (meaning leaders). The leader is turning the pages of the book and evaluating the students , there is wording there describing the characteristics of each student (?)


    + earlier (didn't write any notes): fight in the snow on LaLom blvd in B hills?

    + in a bank: indoors, large open area. Row of agents on higher elevated area on stools sitting at counter, they're sharks giving people bad rates?
    I'm discussing a (loan? financial transaction of some kind) with bank's team in the middle of the large room. I pull up a high table with a tall chair and bring it alongside the large conference table at sit on the stool, the banker asks what I'm doing, I'm angry and say that the table is too low and uncomfortable and I'm upset about discussing my private information in such a public space. The banker (team of them) then moves our meeting to a private meeting room on the side of the open area.

    + in a family reunion? I'm walking behind my mom and I see a guy walk past her on the right, shouldering her obviously on purpose twice in rapid successsion. I get mad at him and call him out and say it was on purpose. He jumps on to a long table [DS] flopping on his back in front of some other guys sitting at the end of the table. A couple of my relatives get up and leave the reunion in protest to how my mother was pushed. I decide to stay and continue to listen and side of move to a hiding place and crouch down
    It becomes a product troubleshooting meeting. They're talking about problems with the products. I stand up and say I'm glad I stayed to listen, and tell them that I have seen the problems myself: using my concrete printer I have notice that the plastic parts are too brittle and tend to shatter. There is an idea of urgency in needing to address the problems and get the product launched as soon as possible.

    + company N screen: an employee is demoing a screen technology, sitting at a desk in a large open indoor area [DS], this screen material has the special property that it highlights movement of objects that are (not supposed to be there?), I think this would make it a great material for a fighter jet windshield as it would highlight (the objects get brighter to make them easier to see) incoming enemy objects.

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