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    2022-12-23 late morning dreams after BTS

    by , 12-23-2022 at 10:24 AM (280 Views)

    + outdoors, deserted planetscape (Amazon's "Night Sky"). Standing up against a building which is a living being, and is breathing in and out(?)

    + [vague, frag] bombs? snow?

    Long BTS
    Brain churning
    Get a grip finally and start doing TWR's four-petaled colored drop and dakini lotus in throat visualization: yellow, green, red, blue, <repeat>, eventually fall asleep
    Start seeing dreamlets: people walking past, close-up view standing before a brick wall

    + playing basketball [DS] with a small volleyball [DS] in an indoor white-ish court, lighting medium/low. I'm making shots, a fading jump shot and I nail it, then I dribble down to the other side of the court and attempt a reverse layup with ball spin, and I miss. I then try to hook the ball in with while standing under the basket and a bit to the right, again with spin, on the left side, but I also miss. Step back a bit and swish a shot Head back to the other side and try a long distance (about 3-point distance) shot, specifically using strong wrist action, I'm standing at about 45 degrees on the left side (facing basket), using the wrist action to really aim the ball, and the shot is strong and ends up being a line drive with no arc, and heads right for the basket, but passes just below the rim through the net, missing, and the ball continues on and lands and rolls fairly far off the the court in an open area where my wife L is doing something with rabbits or stuffed toys, I'm waiting for her to throw the ball back to me. Later on (in waking or in dream) I'm telling Sensei about this dream I had. I think (in the dream) he's be impressed by some of my shots.

    + in a light hallway/stairwell with a man with whom I just concluded some deal (?), and he is now offering me (and wife?) the opportunity to invest in 3 real estate deals. I'm on the fence if I want to participate or not, it's risky, but the returns could be good

    + in a room some people around, there is a round table with a cardboard box of left-over pizza on it. I open the lid and look inside and at first I see just a few pieces of leftovers, but I decide to eat them anyway. I open the box again to pick these up but I see further back in the box there are a couple still whole pieces. I pick up one of these full pieces and it is really thickly covered in cheese. I detect (or anticipate?) some nuggets of sausage there, too. I'm taking some bites and I'm turning away from the people so they won't see me eating it (?) [DS]. Then the manager of the pizza place is commenting on the order volume from different sources.

    + moving from gas station to gas station in some relatively remote area, vague details, something about eating corn, a row of corn kernels all stuck together. I'm on a motorcycle and it needs repairs, but the current station is busy, I'm going to have to go back to an earlier station (where a guy was playing violin?)

    + <return to real estate deal stair/hall-way> an older man is teaching a young child to play violin. I notice the finger action the child uses to produce the different notes (the hand is not on the fret, just in open air). The emphasis is on the bowing position. There is a long bar across which the bow is being drawn. The teacher is showing a style where the downbow is long and slow and the upbow is where the rest of the notes of the measure are played all together. The teacher (and I am thinking along with him) emphasizes that in the beginning, it is good to learn to draw the bow and play using the full length of this bar. The student is bowing and the bow is leaving white resin marks on the bar showing where it contacted the bar, and the bow is moving up and down the full length of this bar.

    + [FA?] I'm trying to find my computer glasses. There is a large bowl of glasses and cases on top of the high left-side commode to the left of the TV. I eventually find the glasses I was looking for [true in WL]
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      Obviously, I have. Mostly about everyday activities like watching movies or hanging out. not much to note. I once had a dream that Jimin became taller than RM, and everyone was so alarmed that they were contacting the police while Jungkook was hyperventilating in the corner. It was a very amusing dream. Visit The Site