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    2022--6-13 short fragments

    by , 06-13-2022 at 06:48 AM (85 Views)
    I'm usually reaching for recall after moving and getting up while walking to the bathroom. Need to set intent and re-train to delve a bit before moving after waking.

    + [f] I'm with a group laying pipes in an underground cement service area

    + in a group of people walking around carrying little kids

    + interrupt Fr. Brown in the middle of a church service, I'm bringing terrible apocalyptic news that can't wait, both he and the parishoners attending are very upset at the interruption

    + in a group of young people in a large U-shaped rectangular padded booth. Some more adults are coming and I don't want to lose my desired spot next to the cute girls so I lunge to the seat very close to them and turn around and sit down

    + [f] something about cucumbers

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