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    1. 2022-10-26 some scenes, had to delve for them

      by , 10-26-2022 at 06:55 AM
      BT ~22:45
      final waking: ~05:30
      out of bed ~06:30

      No recall instantly on my mind, it took some delving/digging, but the memories then came

      + arrive at an orchestra rehearsal late, other players wonder why I've come at all because my part is really boring, just holding a bunch of whole notes

      + my [deceased 1st] wife is playing <instrument related to mine> in the orchestra, she's young and attractive, she's sitting in her spot in the orchestra group and is holding the instrument in her hand. I think how these instruments are closely related and one person who plays one can at least get a sound out of the other

      + flood on the bathroom floor. I'm looking down and at the intersection of the floor and wall I see a large amount of water, and a bunched up pile of rubber gasket. This was a deva vu as I'm pretty sure I saw the same scene earlier in the night. This time I reach down and pull out the rubber gasket, which unblocks thet water and it seeps into the floor. I think this is also bad as the water in the floor will still damage the house. I'm looking down the row of where the water was before and see (white PVC pipes?)

      + Yogurt/burger joint. I'm standing at the counter of an increasingly crowded frozen yogurt place where you can also order burgers. I'm waiting for my chance to order from the worker and more and more people arrive, some of which stand in front of me, and I say "there's a line!" Some people are ordering burgers. I consider doing that but think that that will take longer. I eventually get my frozen yogurt (white/vanilla) and take it to a table. I see all the gaming (pool) tables all around me are occupied, then I notice that my table is a tiny/toy version, and I think my [current] wife will not be impressed with this toy version of the game. Then I'm playing a sort of fantasy hockey game with a lot of very colorful moving pieces, and where the rules are that I have to keep bringing back my puck back over the half-way line before moving it back into the opponent side. I take a number of shots on the goal. I recall a shiny purple color. [to be continued]
      [continued] My wife arrives. Then a guy comes up to our table and wants to take some chairs. He's very aggressive. I think my wife doesn't want me to give him anything, but I decide that it's better to give him a couple chairs. "here, you can take these two, we're not using them" I say, look down, and see that actually our stuff (backpacks/coats) are draped over them.

      + [earlier, vague] with a bunch of guys who are aggressive towards homosexuals, including signs that read "no effeminate sitting [on the toilet]"

      + View a team of young people standing under a canopy about 40 yards away, they are working on a solution to some problem. then one of the team members is standing fairly close to me, I think I may recognize him