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    1. 2022-11-01 car-jack trap, S2 on bus, marking rocky locations on dock to river

      by , 11-01-2022 at 07:04 AM
      + walking to my car after (work? in a school?) I notice that some thugs back up their car directly in front of mone on the street (about 50 feet away from where I'm standing) and completely box me in, there was a car already on my rear bumper. I recognize it as a trap and turn around immediately and head back to my building, where I think I should call the police. While there (or before?) I'm trying to pick up a lot of different food/groceries and have trouble getting them all into my hands at once

      + on a bus heading down Ced. street at Euc. S2 (gets off)? starts walking down E

      + on a terrace at my (new place?) with L (wife) standing on the dock where it meets the river, looking into the clear water [DS!] I see a big shallow boulder right next to the edge, perspective shifts to standing in the river looking at the dock and I want to apply some red/white stripped hazard tape on to the dock to mark the location of hte large stone so that nobody tries to dive/jump at that point. While doing so I notice another very large shallow stone, and again want to mark off its location with hazard tape. I look across to another outside area along the water which is a rocky coastline, and a bear is there, I notice it is painting the wooden boards along the hillside and I think this is good but I had wanted to claim that area earlier to be ours. It moves into hailing position looking at me and I wave my arms and shout a greeting, it's now not a bear but a large rough looking man like Andre the giant, and he calls back that it's "good to exercise your quadraceps". I that there's no chance now to claim that area, it would be a conflict with that guy.