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    1. 2022-11-13 [morning] murder suspect, boys with teacher, driving, walking with wife

      by , 11-13-2022 at 09:29 AM
      + in a (sandwich shop?) at the counter there's a man working there, and he's closing up, saying that everyone who already got in their order will still be able to pick it up later (on another day) since he's going to close, I'm confused, I'm not sure if I'm on this list or not and am not sure I'll have my order processed.

      Something about a murder? They're looking for the suspects. I don't want to leave the area because I think that no matter how far away I get, they'll realize that I've left and that will make me a suspect, and they'll track me down and find me eventually.

      + in a room with my two sons at a young age [DS], and a third boy, they're doing pullups, and I'm counting the reps for them. Younger son falls to one of the mats (?). Then my 5th/6th grade teacher Mrs. R, who is smoking a cigarette, shows up outside and is knocking on the door.


      + daytime/daylight, in a car with others, we're in a Mexican/Latin part of town [watched Jurassic Park before bed], I'm telling the people driving with me that it's OK, we're going to a particular place [a restaurant? forgot], and our route will consist of a bunch of right-left zigzag turns. I draw this out on my palm tracing out a "Z" like pattern. There is some discussion on the exact shape of the driving pattern we'll take.

      + on the ground, urban environment (paved roads, traffic lights) but no buildings to speak of, completely flat terrain, twilight. I'm driving with someone, and pointing out the route I want to take, a sort of short cut to where we're going, the road is visible ahead, with stop lights. My point of view climbs into the air and I see the large (fancy hotel/residence building) in the distance (with a large globe and tress around it making it look like a large pineapple), and point out this as a landmark well-known to both of us ("see, we're going by [that place]"). Ahead I see a building with a business signs hung outside like in a strip mall, think we're going to be going through a mall and might stop in a store. come up to an elevated area, one side of a high embankment running along a freeway, there is a covered (mall?) bridge like a mall pedestrian walkway. I'm with my [1st] wife, she without hesitation jumps off the embankment and I start to say "NO, WHAT ARE YOU... [DOING]!?" but I see she has landed safely on a nearly 100% translucent walkway just about 6 feet below the edge of the embankment. I'm a bit leery but I jump down too to follow her. It's really hard to see the walkway, it's only about 4 feet wide and without any railings. I'm a bit nervous as this leads over the busy freeway (don't see any cars, it's more imagined to be there below us). My wife is exuberant and does a gymnastic running start and then a serious of backwards hand springs, and I freak out that she'll fall off the edge, but she doesn't. There is some man we need to see? I come up to her and we hug and kiss a bunch, and I have the thought [DS] what shall I do since I've remarried?