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    1. 2022-11-15 baseball, long country house dream

      by , 11-16-2022 at 08:36 AM
      [night of] 2022-11-15

      no recall in the earlier parts of the night, first two pee wakings nothing at all,
      after that, some hint of some scenes, but forgotten

      basic Huberman stack (1 magnesium instead of 3), no gaba/glycine, no tryp, yes ashwagandha, 66mg B6 (two caps), 21:30
      BT 2256
      OOB 0820
      fitbit: 8:17 sleep, 1:10 awake, REM 1:23, deep 1:13, 86% below resting, 6% restless

      + some scenes, forgotten: cigars?

      + baseball [DS]: [twilight, DS] throw the runner out at first (but I'm throwing a sponge?) and I don't think I hit him in time. There's a little girl at bat and I yell out "look for bunts!" I'm imagining how I'm swinging the bat and really knocking the ball way out, like in grad school team, blasting line drives between 1st and 2nd, imagine running the bases, checking the fielding, and trying for 3rd, but what if there's a runner also on 3rd? He'd have to make room for me

      + [long, fairly vivid sequence] outdoors, observing the dirt road at my [place in country], there's a truck driving by and I think it's watering the road, I suppose this is to prevent dust from rising, I follow it as it moves forwards and I'm watching it for signs of water spraying but don't really see much. It turns into an elephant(?) which moves down the road, and I don't want it to see me [DS], so I move to a side path and hang from the branches of a tree while it passes. I observe the road that goes by my house and it looks like they've widened the turf, cutting it back to make the road wider. I move on to my property and I'm looking at and examining the neighbor house. It looks familiar [false memory, nothing like my neighbor's house in waking], it's large, tall, reddish/pink in color, multi-story, I see the front door. I see something down in a low court yard area and I go to (pick it up?), and I notice that in a tall narrow stairway in the neighbor's house, with glass walls [DS!!!!] that you can see through, the neighbor (man and woman?) are standing together at the top floor of the stairway, (looking down at me?), I don't want to be seen [DS]. Up on the middle level, the neighbors come out of their house, there are a number of older women, one or two I recognize [false] as long-time neighbors. There is a guest, a venerable old noble woman, who comes out and sits down on a couch with difficulty, I kiss her hand in greeting, I greet them in [foreign language].

      Moving back to the front courtyard, I see a boy and a girl playing in a small guard house. Then I'm on a bus with a man (neighbor)?, the bus is medium sized and full of people, the man is sitting in the row ahead of me, half turned facing me with his arm draped over the chair back in front of me, his arm and armpit are open and I think may be stinky (but don't smell anything), he's going somewhere, a museum (?), the bus makes a stop but he doesn't get off in time and I think he's missed his stop, and wonder what he'll do. I don't want to get off, I'm planning to ride the full route in a cycle to get back home again.

      There's a young woman in front and to the left of me, I catch a glance at her bust, which is very attractive, I try to look for her again but don't see her.

      Outdoors (back home or near home?) I'm staring to climb up on top of a fence or a railing / raised narrow path, and a young woman is there and talks to me and says that we'll be together, I don't particularly want to be with her so I turn around and head back, I slide down over the top of a container (like a garbage bin) that is open in the middle and I'm careful not to fall into the hole and there might be sharp edges. I noticed that on top of a neighboring bin, there is (garbage, food?) and some insects, including a fairly large spider with way too many lets, like 16-24 or more, evenly spaced out all around it's perimeter. No body to speak of, just a bunch of long, spider-bent legs. I think the director (of a film?) can do whatever he wants with his scenes, and that explains the spider.