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    1. 2022-11-28 really tough night of sleep, some late morning dreams

      by , 11-28-2022 at 11:01 AM
      Felt like I was awake from 23:30 until about 07:00. No dreams in that time. Then slept until about 10:30, sporadic wakings with some recall:


      + [vague, early] doing things with people in indoor locations, some sort of adventure?


      + With young g/f (probably too young for me I think) in room, close door, want to get frisky, notice door knob turning, her older sister is in hallway (enters?). I see the door knob turning multiple times. Concerned about someone entering / not having privacy [DS!!!]

      + Take off flying with friends in open outdoor area from high place in front of a huge (massive!) fir tree, spot another group of flying people, we tangle in a brutal flying gang-fight, banging heads against boards, etc. I notice the fir tree branches and needs close up, it's beautiful [waking walk in pine forest 2 hours yesterday]

      + Visiting a pizza parlor where everybody orders toppings from an external vendor, which are then delivered in a group to the restaurant individually packed in plastic bags, people pick up their packs of toppings then hand them to the parlor cooks to complete the order; they have particularly fresh cherry tomatoes and basil, which is why everybody uses them


      + standing on lawn looking at street at old CA home, my home is behind me: my car's parked on the street blocking someone else's car. It's closer than bumper to bumper, my car seems partially parked into the back seat/hatch of the car in front. There's no way that car's owner could move. If he does some I hope he won't be upset, I'll just rush down and repark my car in a second, so he shouldn't be. Then the car's owner arrives and he speaks through the car window with (my dad?) in another car about something, I think he's talking about like how I park in my driveway, I see him gesturing towards my driveway so I imagine this is what he's saying, I feel the need to go talk with this guy and settle any issues he has.