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    1. 2022-11-29 more recall, better sleep

      by , 11-29-2022 at 04:01 PM
      Better sleep despite an awake period after delving for "earlier" dreams, and fairly good, varied dreaming, decently vivid

      I'm scribbling written keywords notes on all wakings with recall now

      + working the blinds in my childhood home room, trying to open them, fiddling with them a lot; looking at cactus plants on top of my dresser in same room, flower (artificial?) arrangements, on which beetles (which morph in shape/size as I watch) are crawling

      + best friend MR proposes a game to play: someone poses a problem, and you need to propose some solution [more involved than that, don't recall]; I don't really want to play but say I will

      + hunting on a hill with a rifle on a large open field sloping before me; a large group gathers; moves indoors, thoughts of some large gun arrangement; look out window to group of kids below, "they're waving at me" so I wave but they're waving to someone else instead outside on a girder

      + some question about an old Harry Potter inside a tunnel with a lot of moss/dust bunnies that I'm clearing away from a doorway

      + in grandma's house: close up view of an ornate wooden table, decide to go to bedroom, see "pop up 3d" pictures of family member faces on cardboard stands; in the room see baby picture of me making a frustrated face and I'm struck by how much this looks like a baby picture son #2


      + broken ipad, the screen is all messed up, I'm upset at this, the room is full of tech equipment, I pick up a router from the floor and place it on a table

      + [f] at a rest stop, I need to choose some (long, tree) saws to throw away, they're all bent and unusable, someone is interested in them?

      + [f] parking a car, too close to the crosswalk I think, there are no better places

      + [long, fairly vivid] Fo.Gi. (WFP, college, deceased) is alive: divorced, not dead, skype convo, I leave, he's upset, calls me "prick!", with DD (FG's wife), talk with her new parents in law, I tell her how I was surprised to see FG, I retell the FG story in a room full of people sitting at tables

      + Outside/snow/flush flood, I'm shoveling it and causing rivulets to run, my car is stuck several cars back and go to it but I see it's entirely flooded, guys there point out my frozen horse in the ice flow river, floating on its back with its legs up; I hitch a ride with a trucker and talk about the names of the local university towns, I'm holding a cart-sized wheel in my hands

      + trap house: blow small objects through multiple tubes to "prove" there is no beast lying in wait inside, look down ramp to open area and see evidence of other "blown" objects, move to other side of house and monster emerges, I stay on the high ground to avoid it