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    1. 2022-11-03 some decent vivid dreams

      by , 11-03-2022 at 04:59 PM
      No sleep supplements at all, shorter night, but good recall across multiple wakings, some very vivid experiences:

      + car parked at work covered with colored, neon, animated chalk graffiti, stare at it along time, some (kid?) comes and wipes it off leaving a white/grey smudge

      + in traffic planning route through bad traffic, into parking garage, try to avoid scammy "helper" at the kiosk, but end up giving him a tip of a fistful of coins, a mixture of quarters and pennies

      + submarine/torpedo battle in a river

      + at former company N, eating chips on display in hallway, fill up a plate to take back to my cube, black CEO asks me about my kids, walk into a cube and past a bunch of engineers in open cubes bumping into them in super narrow hallway; standing in the kitchen looking out at the organization of break room tables

      + cutting and handing out wedding cake, discuss the sizes in grams, want to cut double sized for me & wife

      + at the fence of my property and neighbors, clothes are hanging, neighbors push open fence and come in, I want to weld it shut again; ice cream machine in operation, neighbors don't want to go with the workers
    2. 2022-11-02 galantamine and lots of dreams

      by , 11-03-2022 at 04:05 PM
      galantamine night, better/more recall but no lucids (but hey, I got back to sleep!)

      night theme: digging/ditches/ground depressions

      + waking in my outside bunk bed at the university early (4:45am?) while the students flock in to class; The beds are along a wall perpendicular outside a university building. In the distance to my right (my back is to the building, there are groups of students arriving for gym class I think. Then waves of students begin arriving to the building where my bed is.
      I think maybe a bus has delivered them. Among the throng ofpeople I see a high school familiar face [just someone I knew, wasn't friends], I remembered her as the short girl with the odd eyes/face. Also in the crowd one topless girl walks by and into the building. I'm standing a bit back from my bed/bunk, and I see my black backpack is slightly leaning over the concrete wall, I pull it back so it doesn't fall over. I'm thinking that I want to go inside the building to a bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth, I may go in with a friend who sleeps nearby.

      + [mix 1st and 3rd person] I'm riding/observing a bike rider who makes miles high jumps from out of swimming-pool ground depressions, jumping from area to area several times, it's amazing how it works I think

      + [long, vivid] sitting at table outside with girl, on a patio/walkway outside a low apartment/townhouse complex, I bring out a surprise pie, then she brings out a surprise pie (one was sweet, one was savory), we want to find a room, since neither of us have a private room, we're walking around the area and think we're going to get use of a room in the area, but then I see another couple arrive and then more people, and think it will be hard to get the room now. But we get use of a secret staff room from a friend (older woman with grey hair?) which has a below-ground claustrophobic labyrinth entrance, very narrow between concrete walls, and a complicated door mechanism with bars and bolts that require two hands to operate. I finally manage to open it, and we walk inside, the room which is also a cafeteria with a long curved wall of windows/glass walls [DS], there's a hallway beyond and I want privacy, so I pull shut the sheer curtains, and think we should also turn out the lights, because if they lights are on they'd still see us through the thin curtains. People arrive and eat, I walk past the mojito stand, I think about mojitos and list the ingredients ("mint, soda, alcohol"), but I do not want to drink any it's too early in the day. Walk past a group of girls all dressed in color-coordinated PJs (tops and bottoms same pattern/design).

      + a friend calls me into the ditch he's digging, he moons me right up close, I see everything (he's a hermaphrodite), I think he's making a pass at me

      + Star trek dream, observe the Enterprise speeding out of the solar system at light speed, whizzing past planets (which are all yelllow). One view is a side view from very far away as it streaks past a yellow Jupiter:

      I envy you all-dream-image-2022-11-02.jpg

      + riding a motorcycle up to a fuel/cake stand (the cake is the fuel), they want to sell me the Cinnabon with frosting but think the frosting will mess with the engine, I take away several to share with my wife and eat one as I leave

      + observing people disembarking from a low [night theme] dock, there are two ladders (I need to choose), thinking that the close one is dangerous/unstable, the people come up the near ladder, climbing all up at the same time and even on top of each other

      + riding a bike through a city-scape, on the lookout for bike thieves, enter a bookstore run by two odd small baby-men, they mention an animal nesting on the shelf running around the top of the store (I don't see it), I turn and leave, noticing a book on the right-hand wall shelf as I exit