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    1. 2022-11-05 again some decent recall, over a couple wakings

      by , 11-05-2022 at 07:37 PM
      2022-11-05 long night of dreaming! Many scenes, lots of fragments

      + church buys casino, it's Fr. Oleg's job to manage the parking garage, he takes out the garbage and I think this is an undignified job for a priest. Walk up the street, I need a medical procedure, I can't remember the word for the organ in [foreign lang], finally I remember, "kidney! <in f.l.>" I say. I need to take off my thin, blue casmere sweater, I start to take it off and can't get it off over my head, it gets stuck on my hat, and I need to put it back on in order to take off my hat. Fr. Oleg offer to help me but I shoo him off prefering to manage it myself. The people next to us are laughing at me, especially a woman, who says "need to take a pic of that and put it on the internet!"

      + I'm phasing through a series of doors leading into an office/building up a few stairs. This is an ability I know I have. (pre-lucid?) like 3 doors. "There is no door", I phase through easily. I think somebody may be following me. Then a loud waking sound shocks me awake instantly.

      + Walking into Wil. (B jr high) school, lots of B's, leave my dog outside on street?

      + First big snow outside, about a foot, it's hard to open the door, it will be our dog's first experience in the snow

      + Scheduling a meeting with someone. My "wife" is criticizing me that I'm too calm, I need to be more forceful, so I get very aggressive and call again, she praises me. I can feel how the anger is not the way I want to be.

      + Brief scene at a sleepover of attractive girls, they pose for a picture, I notice how hot they are

      + Girl on a jumpy slide in a leotard, her (mother?) and someone else sniff her private parts as she slides down, they conclude yes, she is stinky there.

      + Playing informal basketball with two guys in a fairly dark indoor court. Making shots, layups, the ball sometimes hangs on the rim before falling. I show I can jump and grab the hoop, this means I can dunk if I want to.

      + Playing with a rifle, young kid, older dark skinned guy in a corridor, I try to point the rifle at the older guy who is standing right up next to me, I can't since he's so close, so I lean over and put the rifle but down between my legs and point it at the guy and look at him and show that I can still aim it at him. Later, I squeeze the trigger (there's some thought about the trigger needs to be pressed for a few seconds before it will fire) and get off a shot at his head, which leaves a very small indentation on his forehead, he's looking right at me as I do this, I'm pretty close to him.
      + Standing with a dog and some people outside in a city environment on a sidewalk with some trees, quite busy street there are cars driving by, a sort of wild weird looking wolfman comes across the street, I don't want him to join us, but then an aggressive / annoying dog comes to us and he sort of distracts the dog. "Good," I think, "yes, take that dog away." I notice that on the street a car is turning left and heading right for us (I guess we're in the street), and I tell everybody to look out.

      A pretty good night of dreaming! No recall for first several wakings. Recall seems to start up around 4 hours and later on recent nights. Maybe because of the sleep-promoting supplements I'm taking