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    1. 2022-11-08

      by , 11-09-2022 at 05:53 AM
      no supplements

      BT 23:30 08.11.2022
      FW 06:17
      try to relax into throat lotus visualization but mind is just really jumpy
      OOB 06:50

      decent presence, awareness, but not very strong

      + vague impressions of doing earlier things with people in places, perhaps with son S1

      + drawing on the world using a computer drawing program: create a tall fence, I add the boards and stretch them upwards, also add smiling sunshine emojis, see the result in the world. I'm looking far into the distance and point out (to son S1?) that I see the water there far away. I'm looking at the cartoon-y looking wall/mountain that I drew, and wonder if I take it away in the program if the results will immediately reflect in the world, both sons (young age) are there and participating

      + helping [deceased, 1st wife's] mother-in-law pay her debts at a pharmacy. Walk in to the pharmacist's cabinet in he's busy with another customer, it will probably take a long time so I just give him her paper and hope he'll quickly deal with us. He does. There was one main debt and a bunch of others. I look at the list afterwards and it's (blue?) printed handwriting, words that I see but don't read, and small prices like "5" on the right. Then I'm walking with her in SF in a park like area (near the coast?) we're planning to do a bunch of touristy activities, which we ourselves have never done as residents, saying we normally don't do "touristy" things, she asks why, I answer normally residents don't do these things -- to avoid the crowds?. To my right on a bench I see son S2 crying because his paid game character died, it turns out that you have to buy some sort of protection character otherwise every turn some attacking fish will lower your health.

      + Moving furniture with Suz, on narrow hallway/catwalk, she's sitting on a chair recliner, and I'm standing behind the recliner pressed up against it looking down at her. Her hands are busy helping me hold the object, and her dress is hiking up more and more and just about to expose her <ahem>, I see her legs, I reach down and push her skit back down, it doesn't move quickly because she's sitting on it and she sort of squirms a bit to free it and it moves down a bit more. Her arms reach up and back (like she's hugging me from her position) and I notice her arms and arm pits.

      + In a gym working out, there is a long barbell that sort of lands/is precariously balanced on some stand, I get behind it and start to show someone how I do a particular exercise with it but not really doing it, some gym long-timers are snickering at me while they go about their workout routine, I glance at them and I see they have pads of paper with their workout written on it and they're flipping between the pages reading it. I notice Valerie (redhead) from high school and want to go up to her and ask her to the re-union, but she's busy working out, I don't know if I should bother her, I sort of dither standing near her in indecision, walk up to her, walk away, then get up my resolve to ask and go stand in front of her and ask her if she's going to the reunion. (She turns in to some random man?). She says "oh, what day is your day?", I'm confused by her answer I thought there was only one day. "My day was Wednesday" she says, (which I think has already passed), I think I say "oh I thought it was on Saturday".