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    1. 2022-12-03 00:00 Competition night #2

      by , 12-03-2022 at 01:08 PM
      Competition night #2
      2022-12-03 00:00

      + [f] = fragment
      + = dream
      [true] [false] memory notes, true or false
      [DS] = dream sign
      (?) = unsure about some detail
      [vivid, etc] = notes about dream quality and characteristics (lighting, location urban/suburban/outdoors, etc)
      [ss] = short summary, detail coming later
      [DR] = day residue, from a waking experience/memory

      Bedtime ~ 23:49 2022-12-02

      (many different fragments and dreams throughout the night, not clear which ones belong to which wakings, there were a lot of later wakings

      01:20 took 4mg galantamine 600mg AlphaGPC and right back to sleep

      03:38 waking with lots of vivid recall

      + [f] there is a building being constructed [outdoor, daylight, city]

      + twilight [DS] baseball [DS] at bat run to 3rd watch for coach big fight runner running to 2nd

      + working with Samual Jackson he is creating a concrete bunker on the ground using spray-on concrete, I give him a piece of metal from my retainer [DR "The Boyz"], later I separate myself from him I don't want to get caught. He's building a very impressive structure with many shapes and forms, it's on the ground.

      + leave work building (quiting / was fired?) with packet of electronic components, final outer door security turns me back ("gotta pay for it or put it back"), there is a big dessert party going on inside it's impossible to put anything down anywhere, all surfaces are covered with large gooey tasty looking desserts: cakes, etc. people sitting around tables eating

      + [f] in multi-level parking garage, there's a screen (gets cracked?), I'm standing between the levels, someone comes

      + [f] shooting a guy in the back of the head through the back window of a car/bus (his head is right there) with a machine gun, I'm thinking about the speed of the bullets, he must be dead, I then watch the progress of the vehicle he was driving and confirming that it's now rolling out of control, there are other cars around and maybe other enemies

      06:08 probably final waking

      + [f] escape with the sapphires pasted into book are they real? I think they're fake, they are pasted in pouches into the pages of a book, somebody's trying to smuggle them out.

      + [f] in old PTL home in kids's rooms, insepcting the structures on the walls: boards there attached for posting drawings, etc.

      + [f] Talking with son S1, he says how his goal in life is to run a specialized (fishing, scientific) ship/boat, I'm concerned about the prospects for the future for this choice

      + I'm furious with a surgeon who operated on my eye/eyelid and now my eyelid is frozen in the open position for life. I scream at him "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!?" he doesn't answer. I more calmly (but still agitated) insist "Tell Me Exactly What Happened!" He then says "OK I'll answer you" and describes how (I see visuals inside my head as he talks) about how the prep for the surgery involved drawing red cutting lines along the eye and apparently these were out of position and cut a critical tendon or muscle. I say "Now I'm going to have to walk around with eyedrops and squirt them into my eyes every 10 seconds for the rest of my life!".
      Then I'm moving with someone (maybe that surgeon?) in to a restaurant, we're being seated, a waiter has our plates of food, I see other people seated as we walk by, someone ordered the same thing as me and the plate is half-eaten, and the waiter comments "That guy did a good job!" (eating as much as he did), I don't see how it's so good. The plates are placed on the table, it's a round white plate with a round brown piece of meat and other things like peas.