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    1. 2020-07-30 no recall

      by , 07-30-2022 at 06:13 AM
      Work somewhere around 04:00 or 04:30 and didn't sleep again until alarm at 07:00.
      Tried listening to some meditaiton/yoga nidra audio tracks that put me right out during naps with no effect.
      Listened to some audio books but found them too stimulating generally.
      Back to bed and relaxed and felt the "twinge" of sleep approaching and being "repelled" every time.
    2. 2022-07-25 dragons blocking parking garage, weird "motorcycle", video game, work buffet and meeting

      by , 07-25-2022 at 12:02 PM
      23:49 bedtime
      08:50 final waking

      long BTS after 6am shock wake from wife's crying out in nightmare

      3-4 major periods of dreams

      first waking (time unsure?)

      + really looking closely at a large, triangular (two triangular faces that meet in an angle in the front), "motorcycle" ( / airplane / house/thing). I'm inspecting the grills and features it has. I think about how it takes off and lands

      + [mostly forgotten] (young?) people in a classroom setting in rows of desks

      middle waking (shock awake?)

      + dragons are blocking the parking garage entrance. Some huge/really powerful scary dragons have settled in front of an underground parking garage entrance. I'm given the task of getting them to move out of the way. I approach from ground level a bit to the right of the entrance. At first there is one dragon but as I approach I see there are at least two more. They are large and very menacing. One is to my left of the main big one blocking the entrance, and I see its head with very long sharp teeth, it looks like a mix between a dragon head and a T-rex head. I'm really quite nervous, and I'm thinking that I need to be very very polite as I address the dragons trying to convince them to move.

      + flying the fighter jet. I'm following a leader jet. I'm not sure if I should follow using instrumentation or just visuals. The leader is making a lot of maneuvers, (down below me?) I don't follow them all. I decide to follow visually, I see the bright blue engine glow from his jet and plan just to follow using that visual. There was a narrative (voice over?) that the leaders trust me with the plane because I'm older (and less impulsive?).

      Visual of a very large triangular Soviet-style fighter or ship, it has an open deck with a lot of tables with instruments/circuitry on them.

      + video game [DO] top-down fuzzy/vague view of the top of a tower where players of a game are battling, the experienced players are easily pushing the newbies off of the top of the tower and getting a lot of points doing this. I manipulate some vague controls and manage to push a few of the better players off. (I fall off the top of the tower, but manage to grab on to a lower level ledge as I'm falling by and say "hey look I made it do this level."

      + buffet at work. Walking along a work lunch buffet, filling my plate, the piles of food are so high that it's hard to take a serving without toppling the pile. I realize I've missed waffles (with bacon?) so I go back and get a waffle (it's hard to take one without upsetting the pile).

      Farther along there is a meeting about to be held. I think Chr Ch. (company "3", "B", "N") is there at the podium along with someone else, there are a lot of chairs laid out in an assembly format (rows).

      last waking:

      + S1's birthday in PTL home. In kitchen with S1. We're celebrating and I say/think "Yeah! Let's get some beers!" There is an elevated (2nd floor?) separate room I see from ground floor, I see/think it is filled with graffiti written on the inside walls. I say "we have to make sure that we lock the windows" [DS] or "that the windows can lock." S1 says that he thinks that this is not possible because of a hole through which people can open the window mechanism.
      A car in the distance is backing up with red/blue police backup lights, I think this is S2 going off to (7-11?) to get (some beer?).
      Something gets spilled up onto a vaulted ceiling?

      + talking to guy about <my instrument> vs. trombone embouchure, he's making circular "sea anemone" style round lips and I'm showing him how mine is more of an overbite, I use both my lips and my hand to show the position of my jaw. Other than hand (HAND VISUAL) I have no body awareness, he's standing about 2 meters away.
    3. 2022-07-06 [draft unedited speech-to-text]

      by , 07-24-2022 at 08:25 AM
      Elevator death squishy S1's stroke or watched on the video Thanksgiving wice skating with the woman on the daughter on city sidewalks woman says go on go ahead and say know I'd like to cruise candy transparent purple volleyball poker hands 2 streets over aces [1st wife] open If church or the department department she won't speak with me I say I just want to talk to you speak with me Greg B. is the head of the department for a moment has one Brown eye and 1 blue eye I think you're looking very sternly a thing easier with the head of the department for professor situation inside the building inside the department People may be sitting at the desk clerk airline entertainment systems on the back of the seats in front of them
    4. 2022-07-23

      by , 07-23-2022 at 08:46 AM
      5am waking. I'm starting to think this may be because of rise in body temperature and uncomfortably warm room. Can't fall asleep, get up after about 20-25 minutes and sit in the bedside chair. cover my eyes and ponder the previous dreams, going over them repeatedly. Should have recorded some key words, forgot some I'm sure.

      Played the "relaxation game" after getting back in bed, welcomed any dreams that wanted to come to me.

      ~00:00 bedtime (late evening)
      ~08:15 out of bed for day

      After final waking I thought at first I hadn't dreamed at all, I'd just been relaxing all this time, but then I realized I had a bunch of new dream memories and realized that meant that I'd been dreaming!

      "Signs" throughout the morning dozing period that I'd been in REM recently.


      + shunned at work, (Chris Cheng): hiding on high walkways, this is determined bad behavior, they decide to (fire?) me. Thinking later about work, I'm concerned if they inspect my work that they will find I did nothing for long periods of time

      + [vague] wandering around a cityscape, don't see familiar landmarks? Wondering how to get somewhere I want to go?

      + late (12:00, needed to be at 10:30) for rehersal, feel empty two front teeth gap, pick up prosthetic from blue container (from mom), boy watches, "let's keep it here" arrive and instead of concerto it's just a normal piece. I see two 16-notes low B flats (I'm reading the sheet upside down from my position). Lots of rests, looks like a standard accompaniment, not a solo part

      + some magic ritual to get by guards or to gain entrance to some place? Some food on the table while we're doing it, I take some bites?

      + driving then walking on city street, crossing road, step out of way of oncoming white city bus, follow its progress turnign to the left behind me, there's a small dog in the road and the bus slows to avoid it, at corner ahead there is a group of "pickpocket bums" one picks another guy's pocket while he was distracted, but it seems they're all working together? I try to go around them to the right but the (guy who did the picking?) follows me (and there's a confrontation? fight?)

      + in hallway they're taking away a very sick asian woman (covid?) to the hospital she exclaims ("I can't breathe!") I think they may not make it to the hospital. She has a very bloated/swollen and sick looking face. Her (asian) husband is helping her along the corridor and looks very concerned. I think they are part of a group I was with earlier (in an earlier dream?) or had been involved with.

      + in a round-table discussion with young people in a rectangular (darkish) room, they're talking about humility, I make a brilliant contribution to the conversation by saying "But what we really need is humility of SELF! Everybody wants to make their point and be correct!" (I'm banging my fist on the table as I'm making these points?). There are some PR/propoganda/cult groups and the leader of one of these is handing out assignments to others, something about using "green lines" as a way to (get people's attention?),

      we're walking up some stairs (they're behind me?) and I hear him continuing to give assignments to his followers, I want to have nothing to do with this.

      I can't figure out where I am, I'm trying to get back to (some place I know?). I look into a room quickly and it is a lecture hall in an African American university, steep auditorium/lecture-hall style seating, a few people sitting here and there, someone on the stage lower area, I bring my head out quckly, I'd expect to see black people here, and I do see some.

      + [vague] in a kitchen with a woman (from a cooking show?) talking about her recipe(s), I'm thinking there is some mixup of brands, she uses one, and someone else uses another
    5. 2020-07-21

      by , 07-21-2022 at 04:06 PM
      Early, fairly weak recall, just a few short scenes. Very tired from day practice, need to dial it back a bit. No sleep after 5 hr waking, missed the best recall periods, darn.
      Woke with nothing at first, but a bit of delving resulted in the following -- so sort of a success!

      bedtime ~ 23:45
      waking about 05:00
      room kind of hot and stuffy, turned on fan
      Starting to think of waking life issues despite trying to put them off for later in the dah
      still not sleeping or making progress towards sleep at about 05:20-:30, so got out of bed to sit in other room for about 30-45 mins, came back to bed a bit tired and the room is cooler so the bed is comfortable, but can't fall asleep

      got up around 07:20

      + inside corridors, trying to sneak past robots?

      + entering (passing through) some large (outdoors?) competition grounds with lots of ushers/guards, I boldly strut right past entrance posts like I belong here, if they stop me I plan to say "I just to measure something"

      + outdoors looking at distant vistas, there's a castle/tower in the distance where I think they can (already have?) shot at this place where I am

      + outdoors, on a road (chute/slide?), need to get past the guard stations

      + image of some guy who has managed to tape a large pile of thick scotch packing tape in a sloping line across his lower back and up to his right shoulder, I think this was a very difficult taping job

      + ideal (no visuals?) of going for tacos with Mond. Sal. from T5
    6. 2022-07-20 street, DD club, high backpack club multi-level, book report, descending pool climb/fight

      by , 07-20-2022 at 10:52 AM
      + street

      + DD club

      + high backpack club multi-level

      + book report

      + descending pool climb/fight
    7. 2022-07-17 lucidd #269

      by , 07-17-2022 at 10:38 AM
      key summaries, detail later

      Tortuous night of not being able to fall asleep after an early (3.5 - 5 hr?) waking.
      Got up moved to other room sat quietly. Slowly got a bit more sleepy. Back to bed. Relaxed and comfortable, but can't make the transition to sleep, remain in a light sleep or very relaxed awake phase. Every time the transition to deeper sleep approaches I can't make it over to the other side. This happens repeatedly for probably 1.5 - 2 hours. At one point get a (REM atonia probably) all-body buzz. Get some weak images that I interact with a bit but don't solidify. Then the following happens...

      + [WILD entry?] tumbling / sliding down a rectangular staircase [DS], thinking "this is an innovative dream entry method," and thought it was quite fun at that!

      + table with food colleagues after party: first cheese, then chips, then, (sushi?) fish, then see container with noodle dish and grab that

      + JH (president company "N") has a skin condition, the doctor is lifting large scales of skin off of JH's hands and forearms, while JH is talking to himself wondering if he can get $860 million for his home. I think it's ridiculous for him to be worrying about that, he's rich enough already.

      + Approach outside-of-city home. I see the green fence has been tampered with and some parts moved aside. I think this means thieves have entered. With this thought I see more evidence of fence tampering. Look into house, see computer devices inside, try to see if anything's missing. Old printer, what's that doing there? Looks like stuff's been stolen, perhaps including my laptop. I'm stumbling through the backyard wallowing in emotions about how horrible this is. Unless.... <RC: nose pinch>... AH! This is a dream!

      (Try to remember TOTS tasks, can't remember anything but elevator and I don't want to try that one again before the others)

      (Many "adult" interactions....goes on for quite a while)

      Toy on the table, ask the "owner" to do some DC magic and summon what I want. He doesn't. I imagine touching a part of a small object farther back on the desk will work. It doesn't. I then turn and walk back into the room searching for what I want.

      Young, elegant, beautiful woman in 18th century dress. She's a bit reluctant, says ("I have a flight to catch" (?) ... "we had that time on the mountainside.." (like, that was it, we're finished). I dare her to get frisky with me right here on the table in front of everyone in the room. This gets her interested, things get going, and ...

      ... fade to awake. Stunning LD. Super vivid, stable, clear, long, immersive. Definitely top 10 of all time, and a candidate for best ever!
    8. 2020-07-13

      by , 07-13-2022 at 09:59 AM
      bedtime: midnight
      movie before bed
      sort of agitated, tired, during the day

      + only vague fragments at the 4 hour waking, which faded.

      Didn't get back to sleep, so no recall today.
    9. 2022-07-07 LUCIDD #267 deceased ex-wife, apartment, vivid garden, can I fly?, dog peed inside

      by , 07-11-2022 at 09:15 AM
      + earliest dream working out in the gym there was a strange exercise device a cable that runs around the floor up to the ceiling at an angle a slope the idea is that you run really hard maybe with a harness on up this cable forwards and then you run hard backwards so it's a leg exercise done after at some typical gym benches with dumbbells and there are some women and there's a discussion about the difference between people who are experienced in the gym and people who are novices and I think I'm saying

      ... that the experienced people are able to basically do more with less space around them

      + a theme with a woman, maybe Lena, whom I'm inviting for coffee and a little pastry I'm inviting her to a place that's not far away it shouldn't take too long and it's not the same as I'm going for a full pastry

      + there is a scene of looking at a building across the street on in a cityscape, it's a several story building I'm talking to somebody maybe about [country] and saying then one of the things I wish that I had done was learned to smoke and I think there are cigarettes large like several meter long cigarettes placed vertically at distances around the top of the building and maybe I'm saying "or you would have to jump ?" the next thing I see is that people jumping from like a windows those and going towards the pavement I can see them there's a group's large groups of people 5, 10, 15 all falling vertically down towards the ground, and I'm thinking about how their legs would break when they hit the ground and I could see that their legs were catching on the window sills I'm being sort of tossed around

      + another scene I am looking at 2 black tubes Seems to be outside and these tubes are held together perpendicularly by a clamp and they have to do with a computer coding problem or a solution to a problem like one of them is the code and the 2nd tube represents the input or output stream and I start investigating I'm looking at the objects that are coming out of the output stream and I'm supposed to use this to I guest reverse engineer what the program is doing and it's a little tricky because it's basically water and bits of rope and other things that can come out of a fairly narrow typical garden hose like tube I'm sense not making out any of it I'm thinking about where is the documentation and there is a piece of paper On the ground to the left which is from the operating manual for this program and then there's a man I guess who wrote this manual I may a see him at this time I have a visual of him in his younger days and he had curly tight curly hair and which was already graying at that time so well that makes me think he was older . He says that he can print out the manual and he says the number of the manual like 177 something like that the number is not clear in my mind and I'm following maybe this guy Now across in irrigation ditch or frozen river, maybe a marsh with flattened grasses he goes across 1st and I'm thinking about following him but I'm wondering if it's frozen I wonder if this footing is solid or I'll fall in. I go across and don't fall and climb up the bank of the other side and then climb up to a building to a room that's what I guess the top of this building I think it's supposed to be the documentation center for this company and there are various manuals, the room is a horrible mess it's like it's an abandoned crack house, that level of mess and there may be some people in the distances sort of a cubicle white room , darkish, but I think the manual is not gonna be found here either -- I'm gonna have to go to that guy and print it out

      + Conversation, guess it's outdoors, it's words like: is it better to have a room with a view, or a room near the beach? This repeats a few times. I say it's better to have both: a room with a view of the beach by the beach. I think there is a pathway up ahead that runs perpendicular to where I am standing that may lead to a beach

      + LD DILD #267
      I was walking down a long pathway outside, there was someone behind me who is one particular person that I hear like a loud sound and turn around a bit surprised, and there is a EW by deceased wife sitting there. She was angry. I am amazed to see her I stand up and we stand closer to each other her face is so realistic it is very vivid it looks just like her. I talking to her and 1st of all I said well of course I'm dreaming, I wanted to first make this affirmation I realize it's her, and then I can't possibly see her. I do a nose pinch to confirm and I can breath. And then I get very emotional with her, I say "Oh I miss you so much!" And she says "Oh, I miss you." At first she was like arguing with me and being angry with me. I see her , it was really her in later life not young but a little older and a little portly. I take her into my arms and say "oh I miss you so much my [nickname for her, -ochka] And she says "You're at a strange address" and I think this means she couldn't find me at our last home together, and i said "yes I've moved" (I remembered that I had remarried and moved to a different place. i feel her scratchy pit with my right arm is under her left armpit. I'm crying and balling emotionally

      + at the parking garage I'm arriving like I guess by car I'm parked outside and the entrance to the parking garage is gated and I'm surprised by this and there's a notice posted and I think oh yes of course it's a holiday weekend so they've locked the garage and if you don't have the right key access you won't be able to get or to get out. I'm naked I have no clothes on little bit self conscious about this but there was some body awareness. I managed to partially open this gate and I think I could go inside but then I may not be able to get out. Then I'm thinking normally these places are such that if you get in you're going to be able to get out from the inside but I wasn't sure about that so I didn't dedicate to that.

      + the pool looking for the pool,
      the stone slots on the room with S1
      walking through the garden thinking yeah don't have to water it
      asking those guys at the top of the tower Hey where's the pool
      gathering up the food to bring back to the refrigerator

      +In an apartment kitchen, L-shaped. I see food in the apartment, stacks of food all very healthy I guess it's also in the refrigerator it's a small half-sized refrigerator (back along the long leg of the L). I see a short corner-standing shelf, about half the height of the ceiling, I think it would be more efficient to have a full-height shelf.

      + I'm looking through this apartment/home that's very detailed very vivid. I noticed the floor is tiled with a number (10-15) of very long narrow rounded ellipse shaped stone "tiles." These stones cover the floor of the room, and are several inches high and spaced an inch or two apart to the floor if very uneven, making it very hard to walk on it on the one hand but on the other it's hard (for others to come in and take over?) I wanted to take these pieces of stone out and store these things outside in the garden. Son S1 is outside, a younger version of him.
      I'm walking outside and storing some pieces of these stones outside, I see the garden, very detailed. [Thank you day practice!] There are (looking back towards the original stone slat room inside) two chaise lounges on either side of the path, with plants around them.

      I'm walking through the garden thinking yeah I don't have for water or wondering if I have to water it and where's the watering system thinking well because this is a hotel they must certainly take care of that. At first I think I had bought this house but then I realized oh yeah, this is a hotel (or some managed property). There is a wall of the building ahead visible through the plants and I'm looking for the automatic sprinkler system devices, and wondering where the controls for the watering system are.
      At one point I'm sort of leaning off a wall and I see the address of the place, it is one of those branded "stay at home" places. It has a sort of funny address: 22435. I see the main entrance, it has an illuminated sign, white background with red lettering, it says "Extended Stay America: Stay At Home" or something like that.

      I continue further through the garden, and notice a row of chaise lounges (with umbrellas?) laid out on a curving path, I think this would be a nice place to relax. Very realistic, very alternate life-level feeling. [Did some SSILD cycles, did some "I will be lucid in my dreams" affirmations].

      Then I'm on top of a high platform like a diving board, It's very confusing and I'm afraid of flying, it's a platform very high Above the ground. I had the sense that I wanted to fly and I hold an internal discussion with myself, On the one hand, I knew that the feeling that you want to fly generally means you can fly, but I'm afraid that if I can't fly that I'll fall and get hurt. I didn't do it nose pinch or think of dreaming. I turned around and there are like 2 young men approaching, I have to go around carefully so I don't fall from this high place in the middle and (they?) point an imperfection, "be careful," in the Sidewalk that I'm walking on. There are people down below. I wanted to ask them where's the way to the pool I wanted to find the pool.

      I'm walking back the way I'd come earlier through the garden, and I see packages of food outside on the ground along the path I'm walking. I'm picking up the (only the perishable ones because they need the refrigerator?) packages and stacking them in my arms and heading back to the apartment.

      I see her (EW deceased wife) again (she was very angry and I could not calm her down....she said something was a waste of money and I answered "well yeah, lots of people waste money on lots of useless things" I got back to the room I spill water on the floor h I think "Oh, God," I've got I have to clean this up and the water starts spiraling out from the room and down and down and around the stairs and then on to different landings and I also dog pee, puddles of yellow pee in the rooms And then I think my dog has peed here and we're going to have to clean it up. I'm going to go find something to clean up all those water or the maids are going to come in and be pissed.

      I was also returning to the room with the idea that we have to save for a farewell to this imaginary family we have a bunch of kids that at 1 point I'm thinking it's like The Brady Bunch they've been with us. we're gonna have to go back to the room we're going to have to say goodbyes as they're gonna have to leave and it's gonna be very sad, but I have to do it and then they're coming back and they say "oh do we have to?" There is EW again, she is very angry different in face slightly. I'm trying to reason with her but she just wno't calm down.
      lucid , memorable
    10. 2020-07-05 escape from bomb, miss my stop, shirtless camp, tennis, nostril abuse

      by , 07-05-2022 at 02:48 PM
      + is 1st dream attack of the bomber. In a place with some people, some go off to a room to the side to fight with an enemy, if he does there is this other guy who will take his place for the next fight, but if he does you'd better run as the attacker will come for you. That happens then I'm in the back yard art of CH the attacker throws a small ball at me, it's a bomb, it lands on the ground, it's slightly lemon shaped and half black and half white with perhaps some symbols on it, It has a message like "Goodbye, you're dead" written on it. I'm standing down by the fish pond facing the lemon tree. I decide to try to escape the explosion I throw this ball back away from me and I'm running up through the flower beds along the right side of the property (right of the lemon tree) I get up to the street and I'm not obliterated yet so I keep going, turn right and head down FrLn. Going down the hill There are a lot of motorcycle carts so that you're driven by black guys and carts I guess they're body collectors it's a gang and moving among them, I get away this way.

      + I'm on a commuter train like a metro train with my luggage arriving at an airport the Train stops and people get off to the left, and I have to go back a few rows to my luggage, there is a backpack with some books that are protruding out of the top and I wonder if people have looked at them. I picked it up and make my way to the exit but the train door closes the train starts going, and I'm panicking. The right side of the train is open (no wall) and the platform is starting to to go by at high speed. I'm thinking of jumping but decide not to because it looks too fast. I get to the next stop and I have to make my way forwards through all of the airport gates to get to where I'm going to my connection. I don't have much time. There are a lot of airport gates check in gates from different companies, from Middle Eastern airlines most of the airlines seem to be named by 3 letter acronyms and I'm looking for a particular one, I think I'm having trouble finding it.

      + I'm arriving to some place in the snow in the car and I pull into a parking space on the right in a spot where the curb opens up to the right in front of a large (pile of snow?) and I noticed that there are also sort of a strip mall of businesses in front of me to the right, about 50 yards farther. I'm thinking about other people parking all around me.

      + (maybe earlier) I'm arriving to someplace I think in (current country) it's like a school or a sports camp I arrived to the building a wooden building and I'm welcomed by a staff greeter who I think is a young woman and she takes me up to the 2nd floor the 2nd floor and the upper floor is for basketball the décor is old dark reddish Brown wood very rich color old looking and we get to the 2nd floor and the ceiling is very low and it's quite low even for a regular room and I'm thinking "there's no way we're gonna be able to play basketball in that space." and the kids start arriving A lot of them are shirtless young men there are some girls but looking at the guys they're all very muscly very young they don't have their shirts on and I'm thinking well if I'm gonna have to take off my shirt they're gonna laugh at me cause make some kind of fat by comparison.

      + tennis dream I'm practicing taking some strokes I think it's in our room in an indoor facility my opponent will be coming soon and I want to look very impressive by taking some very strong ground strokes working on some backhands And some forehands but the ball seems to always go too low or too wide too wide, these would not be legal shots in a real game.

      + [vague] Sort of a combat dream outdoors obstacle course [this one unfortunately has faded] there's also something about having to choose someone as if they're an opponent or a friend and they're all sort of young men 1 of them is very fat I don't know how I've faded a bit unfortunately and there are some tall fences and maybe some tanks and climbing along walls moving between areas

      + (earlier) With S1 and S2. I'm moving through a house like our PTL house with S2 and where arguing about the rhythm or the meter of the opening notes to Beethoven's 5th (da-da-da-duuuummmmmm) and he thinks it's a triplet and I know it's 2/4 signature (eighth notes with a eighth note rest)

      another scene S1 is very angry at us I have an impression of city scape S1 is like leaving S2 and me, leaving us forever, because you are the ones who you did something to me or took something for me. (Something about coats?)

      a brief scene where S2 is being horribly abused (or it's a dare?) by S1 and some other kid, they're in a public bathroom standing at a row of sinks and S2 has impaled his entire left nostril on a whole faucet, the complete faucet structure is entirely up into his nose and the skin of his nose is horribly stretched and enlarged from this. Then S2 stand up and pulls his nose off the faucet, and the nostril remains horribly enlarged hanging from his face like an empty sack. This repeats a few times I'm thinking this is quite a horrible thing.

      The earlier dreams were at 4 AM the later dreams the final waking was about 7:15
    11. 2022-06-22 CH invader, black brass band

      by , 07-04-2022 at 04:46 PM
      transcription of speech-to-text voice recorder notes, cleaned up a bit

      + [long, fairly vivid & present] CH invader, black brass band spewing brown paint from tubas
      My Drive
      I'm inside my CH parents bedroom and I am looking and I'm bothered by some people down below they are I'm looking down out on the terrace and I see some bums about 20 years old mulling around the below neighbor's property at the property line right-hand side (sandbox area) in the dark the trees and one of them's going off to the left and like peeing there and thinking about how can I get rid of these guys they're bothering me it was either smoke or noise or something and I have a spray bottle and I think can I reach them with a spray bottle? and I really want to do that?

      When I start spraying the group that's kind of to the right and one of them breaks off and starts like coming up moving along the left towards the back lawn to come up to the stairs and I think hes very aggressive and I'm now on the main deck and I'm following his progress and hes coming up he's very aggressive andhe's pratically up to the to the deck and then I pick up a wrench from the deck I'm running along the deck around the corner to the left to try to meet and confront him. And hes charging at me on the on the deck and I've got the squirt bottle I'm squirting him with the with water and I've got the threatening him with the wrench but he comes right at me and you know kind of pushed his crashes up into me and then he moves immediately into the house into the screen door he opens the screen door and I'm screaming at him to get out and he goes through the kitchen and through the back porch

      at some point I make a phone call to 911 and I'm screaming about how there's an " emergency! emergency! emergency! fucking emergency!" "like life-or-death! get here immediately!" And somewhere along the line in the back porch I'm able to subdue him and get him to lie on his face and get his arms behind his back and I don't have any restraints or handcuffs but I'm kneeling on the small of his back with my knee on his hands

      then someone's ringing at the front door I think it's the police and I'm going and open the door and it's my dad standing on on the front porch 2 old washed up security guards with blue shirts on them and looking at them I'm thiking "are they police?" "do they have weapons?" and I think that it's clear that they're not police and don't have weapons and there's some other person Maybe a woman on the porch And I say "are you fucking kidding me!?" (I think these guys will be entirely insufficient to handle the situation) and the security guys push their way in to the house, they rush in with I don't know something very small either guns or some useless weapon and at that the criminal invader leaps up off the floor and rushes to meet them and now hes got a full sized assault rifle and hes pointing it at them and they're struggling hand to hand and they're trying to not get shot and I joined the struggle this is happening all in the landing by the front door

      We're all struggling and at some point my dad says like "For God's sake [my name] shoot him!!!!" and I'm sort of petrified I'm I'm not sure what to do I don't really want or shoot him but I don't have anything to shoot him with anyway and I'm looking on the top of the buffet which is behind the invader hes facing the front door and hes facing the security guys and I see that all the weapons all the guns have all been dismantled and all of their components the rods the Springs leavers triggers everything are all laid out on the buffet and there's no way I'll be able to reassemble these things and in time to be able to do anything

      And this point the police come but they've arrived at the back porch and I sort of see them there and I rushed to open the back porch door to let them in at this point the house is full of people and I'm trying to direct the police to the invader and the invader notices that police coming for him and he runs away, going around the other side of the pathway through house he's like going through the living room to the dining room, I see him from the back porch hallway door to the dining room, he's moving towards the kitchen and out to the back porch door while I'm pointing out to the police, "there he is! There he is! That's him!" (as he's moving from room to room) he runs up back steps up to the street.

      Up on the street, he's apparently been caught by the police and hes being led up to a Van but a news organization has arrived before on the street and in the Van and there are people like there's a woman with scratches and bloody scratches on her face I don't know how she got those and I think this criminal invader is shaking the hands with somebody like someone he knows ( and there's something about the interacting with these people up on the street).

      When I'm back inside The house and my and there's my mom and she's put a little padlock onto the front door lock handle, it doesn't in reality have a way to put a padlock there but she did it because there's something oozing through the locks and it's like a very sticky is like frosting and I open up the front door and I see the whole front door is covered with frosting and then someone is spraying frosting on our front door and I look And this is not real life layout but there's like a fence running the along the property line and on the other side of the fence is an apartment complex and there's something like a woman standing there in the yard very aggressive and spraying holding a big hose and spraying the frosting on our front door and and there's a whole big confrontation with all these social Justice Warriors people on the other side of this fence With me having you know defended my home and and my sister is there and they're accusing me of shooting invaders, and I say, "Yeah, I wish I was on a tower with a sniper rifle!" and these people are I think God now are home is going to be a permanent target for the social Justice Warrior people.

      This goes on for a while and then I notice there is a guest(s) walking through the house who has been covered in Brown paint . And I"m thinking "Oh, God, what is this?!" Moving back to the kitchen the back porch side of the house and it turns out that there's like a brass band playing up on the street and the their brass instruments are full of paint and while they're playing them and blowing into them the paint is getting blown onto people so there are lots of people now here are covered with paint and as I'm approaching this there's a young black man very young teen or a tween even and he's wearing a suit, this brass band is made up entirely of black musicians. I sort of shoo him along Pushing on his back going to this group and say something like well "I know you're part of the group because he's black and they're black!" I get up closer and they're all standing on the sidewalk so they're not actually on my property I think "Oh, ho! Very clever! They're not actually violating my property but they're still bothering us. And there's an older man part of this group, more of a director and I'm talking to him and saying "Oh, yeah, very clever, well done."

      Then I'm meeting with some people, an older guy and maybe someone else and I want a gun and so I'm asking him if I can take a look at his revolver, because revolvers are very reliable and they won't jam up and I say, "Hey, could I look at it?" He agrees and hands me something made of glass, a glass bowl (with tubes?) and I'm confused, "Where's the metal part?! ... the part where you put the bullets?! It's not the gun I wanted

      Then I'm in a sports complex (I go through a security checkopint/turnstyle?) and I'm doing stuff and I turn around a corner and there's a swimming pool and despite I think about my shoulders I still want to swim so I start swimming actually feels pretty good. There are other people around in the water. I reach the end/edge and turn aroundand then go back and swim to the other side and the pool is suddenly packed with people, mostly fairly young kids and I'm kind of I'm thinking the pool is a little bit too short for a decent exercise but still I'm trying to swim through the crowds but I can't do any kind of lap swimming cause there's too many kids And I'm pushing through them and

      [MEO 2022-06-22 #1]

      and I'm sort of walking through the water towards the side where we can get out and then something happens gets kind of dark and I realize the water is getting deeper and that This is a change from how things were and I well I can't go that way so I have to turn around and go back and it's kind of hard to move and I realized that I've gotten turned around and it was going to the wrong end of the pool into the deep end. I get back to the side where we can get out and so there are some young men there and they're nearby on benches with nearby display cases: vertical display cases, rotating display cases, full of things like pencil erasers and maybe mechanical pencil parts and I'm trying to get this kid off my shoulders and I lean forward and it doesn't really come off and then end up putting him on his head very clumsily and also out of his pockets (he's a boy now) and out of his pockets fall a big pile of pencil erasers and pencil parts.


      + There is the archery tanline I'm looking at my skin as it is very big black kind of stripes and patterns especially in my right arm I think that's when I was sitting outside like talking to some guy earlier. and there's some geometrical shapes on the untanned withe untanned skin and I think that's why I was wearing a kind of an arm protector, may be for archery and there was one little narrow band that extended up into my inner elbow.

      + earlier There was a meeting at a school registration desk where I was handed a small square electronic tablet with a screen on it I'm supposed to use that for registering or something and I'm talking to the young women which are there at the desk,

      + in an apartment not moving not aware of my body talking with someone just noticing being aware of I was comparing it to things that I saw to another place and also imaginary and false memory which I thought I knew. So I'm standing in a kitchen from the perspective of the kitchen there's a counter at my left with a sort of column and counter/bar dining room. There's an entrance area to in front of me and then a corner sort of a living sitting room area (ahead and to my left behind the counter). I'm noticing the objects around the room: there's a desk with 3 monitors on it displaying some image. They're positioned so that they can be seen from like all the angles of the room: one pointing to the right, 1 sort of oriented the middle, one oriented to the left.

      And there were kind of little doodads I don't know stuffed toys or objects sort of colorful. They were located at the floorboards ahead of me in the entryway and to the left of the table with monitors in the living room. And with whovever I was there (also not visible) was I was I was remarking on the striking similarity of this room to the other one the other apartment the other place I knew. and I was thinking there's some kind of a standard template that they must use in these apartments.

      + [vague] In some sort of Service place like a building with service counter some kind of a business where you can get service done and it had something to do with "company N", and I was talking with <president of company N> later, then I mentioned that I wanted to use his service and I said Hey you know you guys could also use ours (a trade).

      + meeting with my cousin sitting at a table with a meal and he was asking me for help in marketing and I was very uncomfortable am really quite terrible at marketing. but he wanted to me to do it. He said, "It is really easy you just need to call people and tell them about the benefits of all these vitamins," and then I guess he handed me some materials that have written information about the health benefits of these various you know standard sort of vitamins.

      + I was at a quiz talking to a woman giving the questions, the are about very specific things of places of names and buildings -- sort of Trivia contest I think it's centered around the University of [my 2nd Uni] and I have a piicture [it's a false memory and not a realistic picture] of the campus North South East West and there were some questions I was asking about North and South I was clarifying some of the questions and there were like 2 questions I got both of them wrong and I was amazed in the dream I was amazed that I got these wrong and thought I really knew this place and I was thinking about like oh I used to walk that path you know to the gym all the time and all the time

      + and there's another little bit about a guy who died sort of related to Maybe the cousin meeting where he's asking me for help. this guy was also signing up to work on various aspects of some important problem and he was signing up to work on "3, 4, and 5." whatever these points were and someone comes up and says he (whatever his name was, forgot), " oh he died!" it looks like he died because his name disappeared from some sort of computer registry and we're all sort of shocked and don't know what to do

      + final scene was sort of with a child's push toy or a push card and I'm outside and [people are] accumulating candies or stuff for kids and there are some also some adults nearby (Indian maybe) and they're reaching across the cart getting in the way of its movement and getting in the way of me doing whatever I'm doing and they're reaching for like these shelves of snacks and chocolates and candies and things to the left.
    12. 2022-07-04 no recall night, thanks to new puppy

      by , 07-04-2022 at 12:16 PM
      We decided to try on his 2nd night with us bringing the new puppy (4 months) up to the 2nd floor to see how he does and so he can be closer to us at night. Went OK, but sleep was interrupted at 6am (late bedtime, too, around midnight) when the little feller needed to go outside (didn't make it in time).

      No recall. I even was able to sleep more. I definitely dreamed both before and after the 6am event, but my mind moved immediately to doggy upon waking and recall vanished. Recall seems much more fragile recently.
    13. 2022-07-03 "thai" restaurant, at the table, ditch, hairy arms guy

      by , 07-03-2022 at 07:15 AM
      Some early recall forgotten, vague impressions come and go but nothing's sticking

      Brought home a new puppy yesterday, life's going to change considerably. Dreaming probably will go (again!) on the back burner. I'll try to keep up mindfulness in the presence of the new chaos. It will probably be a great exercise of lucid awareness under the stress of constant supervision and management of the doggy.

      Despite the late bedtime and the crazy day yesterday, did manage some recall at around 5-6 hours.

      Clearest dream:

      + with (family?) going to a restaurant. outside, twilight, we approach an area (with a lot of signs? advertising the restaurants?) on a hill, past a gate? We go in to one, and the tables are laid out also going up a hillside. My family (?) goes up to a table up the hill and sits down, and I stand to the side with a waiter (or Maitre D'?) and were talking.

      Waiter: You said you'd get here at 7:02 and now it's 7:05. (We're losing money of this? He thinks this is a bad thing and he's berating me)
      Me: (something like: It's no big deal, we're here now so all is fine)

      I also talk to him about some perhaps illicit activity or purchase that we had previously agreed on carrying out(?)

      [Then some fragments, part of the same dream or not, not sure]

      +[f] walking outside, on a road, (near a sidewalk?), I see a very deep dirt depression in the road (tire marks)

      +[f] There's a young woman, part of the plot, and we're supposed to meet a young man. I see one but he's not the one I expected: he has very hairy and heavily tattoo'd arms

      +[f] the process of sitting down around a table with a group
    14. 2022-07-01 At the G's house, casino comps, shoes funny office, vivid cart and concert venue

      by , 07-01-2022 at 12:16 PM
      I'm back to voice journaling in bed before getting up. I'm trying out the speech-to-text features as well. There will be a lot of typos and misunderstood words, I'll try to clean them up. Looking to get a lot more detail recorded this way! And spend less time transcribing the voice notes into the DJ.

      bedtime: ~23:30?

      ~ 05:00

      Think it's time to try a WILD
      But generally go right back to sleep

      Summary's 1st dream earlier wake time about 5 AM at the G's (FB friend afro american family) house picking up raisins & things like strips of beef jerky with a vacuum before throwing them away into a bag, and then I realized that there are symbols written on to the jerky, a serious of arrows, I think these are movements video game hints written on the back of the jerky, and these are directional button presses for controls for a game console. I take the jerky out of the bag and put it back. The room I'm in is like my parents room in my CH. My head/eyes are on ground level, and I'm looking at the accumulated junk that I've been picking up.

      I'll go down the stairs and I hear screaming/yelling and go down the stairs and Mrs. G is there this is the black family. I move quickly down the stairs, I descend quickly. I glance down and see my legs briefly, I think they don't know that I'm in the house And I get down there and I think oh no they're gonna freak out because of a white man in their house they say oh yeah look there was a white man here but she recognizes me and we hug and she says "It's great to see yo ass!!" with that t I do a little twerking dance don't I just kind of shake my ass I stick back and stick my butt out and kind of shake it left and right.

      Later leaving the house, out on the street, and there's an alarm I don't know the like the kids all have to go somewhere and so I guess you might be there and the interesting back into some sort of cabinet or there's an alarm console and I think the police are coming.

      final waking ~ 08:30

      other dreams OK quickly summaries
      + Comps and launch Vegas leading to menus of complexes including lobster and lobster in lamb another. I've been betting and losing at a table. I come up to a pit boss and say hey how about some comps. He (she?) immediately hands me a number of different pieces of paper with numbers and words written on them. I think I may have to spend more money to be able to get any use out of them at all. I think that they know how much money I've lost and they give me comps for less than the value that I've lost, and that this is the way they make money, even if the give out comps, but you have to ask for the comps in order to get them. They're mostly for restaurants, and the menu involves lamb and lobster in most of the cases.

      + finding my group we got some Piece of paper with the address of where they are and it's a funny little half door at the ground level and you have to get down and crawl through get stuck, pull myself out, shoes are squeaking, I say "sorry about that," I take them off switch them to other shoes (?) and then the group of people (5-6) is stuck in a Box held in by their shoes and it starts to roll back down towards the sort of an outdoor lawn towards the edge of a waterfall in the distance as I say take off your shoes get take them off get out eventually everyone gets out and they play a lot around the waterfall and there's a force field there that prevents them from falling but I think that you shouldn't be playing with that. Then I say OK everybody get your stuff together I guess like your shoes and let's go on farther further and there's another man there who agrees, says yeah he agrees with me.

      there's a scene where I'm following a car I guess I'm in <my country> following the car by by foot and I'm it's very detailed that's a very sort of stylistic stylistic flourish design style on the show is the style of the paper the rest I think it's a restaurant And I'm looking at an I'm wondering what's it doing here and look at the license plate at the license plate and then I guess the lesson plate has changed I'm trying to figure out where it's from and 1st I think it's just that's located on <my Petr. region in my city> but then I look at it and that seems to be based in Oakland California and I think wow how did they get that car here that car here they must have shipped it here I'm following it and it's sort of a downtown scene I'm walking by people that arrive at at a restaurant or concert place and there's a
      lot of people pushing through or I'm with a group I get to the maitre D' And I see those people I'm meeting with, none of these people I know in waking life it's a work group or something is there we're waiting OK to meet them up and they send us inside and they sa y(maitre d') says yeah but don't let whatever Frank (some name) do uh don't let those guys do their usual thing (some prank) but I think that means that they will cause a big ruckus and uproar and we get inside that's a big large tent arena arena someone says because of the (tubs of) water inside, big open vats of water, the sounds of the music will reverberates and really gets extremely loud and crystal like like and I meet one of the performers up around on the stage area and it's very awkward I wanna shake his hand but somehow I reach out with my left and he reached out but this is left for a right they don't really grasp our hands properly and I say I guess we're not gonna do that Frank guys thing, we won't be making any kind of a big scene. I'm joining my other colleagues whatever on there around the stage.

      it's amazing the visual detail fades quickly