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    1. 2022-06-22 CH invader, black brass band

      by , 07-04-2022 at 04:46 PM
      transcription of speech-to-text voice recorder notes, cleaned up a bit

      + [long, fairly vivid & present] CH invader, black brass band spewing brown paint from tubas
      My Drive
      I'm inside my CH parents bedroom and I am looking and I'm bothered by some people down below they are I'm looking down out on the terrace and I see some bums about 20 years old mulling around the below neighbor's property at the property line right-hand side (sandbox area) in the dark the trees and one of them's going off to the left and like peeing there and thinking about how can I get rid of these guys they're bothering me it was either smoke or noise or something and I have a spray bottle and I think can I reach them with a spray bottle? and I really want to do that?

      When I start spraying the group that's kind of to the right and one of them breaks off and starts like coming up moving along the left towards the back lawn to come up to the stairs and I think hes very aggressive and I'm now on the main deck and I'm following his progress and hes coming up he's very aggressive andhe's pratically up to the to the deck and then I pick up a wrench from the deck I'm running along the deck around the corner to the left to try to meet and confront him. And hes charging at me on the on the deck and I've got the squirt bottle I'm squirting him with the with water and I've got the threatening him with the wrench but he comes right at me and you know kind of pushed his crashes up into me and then he moves immediately into the house into the screen door he opens the screen door and I'm screaming at him to get out and he goes through the kitchen and through the back porch

      at some point I make a phone call to 911 and I'm screaming about how there's an " emergency! emergency! emergency! fucking emergency!" "like life-or-death! get here immediately!" And somewhere along the line in the back porch I'm able to subdue him and get him to lie on his face and get his arms behind his back and I don't have any restraints or handcuffs but I'm kneeling on the small of his back with my knee on his hands

      then someone's ringing at the front door I think it's the police and I'm going and open the door and it's my dad standing on on the front porch 2 old washed up security guards with blue shirts on them and looking at them I'm thiking "are they police?" "do they have weapons?" and I think that it's clear that they're not police and don't have weapons and there's some other person Maybe a woman on the porch And I say "are you fucking kidding me!?" (I think these guys will be entirely insufficient to handle the situation) and the security guys push their way in to the house, they rush in with I don't know something very small either guns or some useless weapon and at that the criminal invader leaps up off the floor and rushes to meet them and now hes got a full sized assault rifle and hes pointing it at them and they're struggling hand to hand and they're trying to not get shot and I joined the struggle this is happening all in the landing by the front door

      We're all struggling and at some point my dad says like "For God's sake [my name] shoot him!!!!" and I'm sort of petrified I'm I'm not sure what to do I don't really want or shoot him but I don't have anything to shoot him with anyway and I'm looking on the top of the buffet which is behind the invader hes facing the front door and hes facing the security guys and I see that all the weapons all the guns have all been dismantled and all of their components the rods the Springs leavers triggers everything are all laid out on the buffet and there's no way I'll be able to reassemble these things and in time to be able to do anything

      And this point the police come but they've arrived at the back porch and I sort of see them there and I rushed to open the back porch door to let them in at this point the house is full of people and I'm trying to direct the police to the invader and the invader notices that police coming for him and he runs away, going around the other side of the pathway through house he's like going through the living room to the dining room, I see him from the back porch hallway door to the dining room, he's moving towards the kitchen and out to the back porch door while I'm pointing out to the police, "there he is! There he is! That's him!" (as he's moving from room to room) he runs up back steps up to the street.

      Up on the street, he's apparently been caught by the police and hes being led up to a Van but a news organization has arrived before on the street and in the Van and there are people like there's a woman with scratches and bloody scratches on her face I don't know how she got those and I think this criminal invader is shaking the hands with somebody like someone he knows ( and there's something about the interacting with these people up on the street).

      When I'm back inside The house and my and there's my mom and she's put a little padlock onto the front door lock handle, it doesn't in reality have a way to put a padlock there but she did it because there's something oozing through the locks and it's like a very sticky is like frosting and I open up the front door and I see the whole front door is covered with frosting and then someone is spraying frosting on our front door and I look And this is not real life layout but there's like a fence running the along the property line and on the other side of the fence is an apartment complex and there's something like a woman standing there in the yard very aggressive and spraying holding a big hose and spraying the frosting on our front door and and there's a whole big confrontation with all these social Justice Warriors people on the other side of this fence With me having you know defended my home and and my sister is there and they're accusing me of shooting invaders, and I say, "Yeah, I wish I was on a tower with a sniper rifle!" and these people are I think God now are home is going to be a permanent target for the social Justice Warrior people.

      This goes on for a while and then I notice there is a guest(s) walking through the house who has been covered in Brown paint . And I"m thinking "Oh, God, what is this?!" Moving back to the kitchen the back porch side of the house and it turns out that there's like a brass band playing up on the street and the their brass instruments are full of paint and while they're playing them and blowing into them the paint is getting blown onto people so there are lots of people now here are covered with paint and as I'm approaching this there's a young black man very young teen or a tween even and he's wearing a suit, this brass band is made up entirely of black musicians. I sort of shoo him along Pushing on his back going to this group and say something like well "I know you're part of the group because he's black and they're black!" I get up closer and they're all standing on the sidewalk so they're not actually on my property I think "Oh, ho! Very clever! They're not actually violating my property but they're still bothering us. And there's an older man part of this group, more of a director and I'm talking to him and saying "Oh, yeah, very clever, well done."

      Then I'm meeting with some people, an older guy and maybe someone else and I want a gun and so I'm asking him if I can take a look at his revolver, because revolvers are very reliable and they won't jam up and I say, "Hey, could I look at it?" He agrees and hands me something made of glass, a glass bowl (with tubes?) and I'm confused, "Where's the metal part?! ... the part where you put the bullets?! It's not the gun I wanted

      Then I'm in a sports complex (I go through a security checkopint/turnstyle?) and I'm doing stuff and I turn around a corner and there's a swimming pool and despite I think about my shoulders I still want to swim so I start swimming actually feels pretty good. There are other people around in the water. I reach the end/edge and turn aroundand then go back and swim to the other side and the pool is suddenly packed with people, mostly fairly young kids and I'm kind of I'm thinking the pool is a little bit too short for a decent exercise but still I'm trying to swim through the crowds but I can't do any kind of lap swimming cause there's too many kids And I'm pushing through them and

      [MEO 2022-06-22 #1]

      and I'm sort of walking through the water towards the side where we can get out and then something happens gets kind of dark and I realize the water is getting deeper and that This is a change from how things were and I well I can't go that way so I have to turn around and go back and it's kind of hard to move and I realized that I've gotten turned around and it was going to the wrong end of the pool into the deep end. I get back to the side where we can get out and so there are some young men there and they're nearby on benches with nearby display cases: vertical display cases, rotating display cases, full of things like pencil erasers and maybe mechanical pencil parts and I'm trying to get this kid off my shoulders and I lean forward and it doesn't really come off and then end up putting him on his head very clumsily and also out of his pockets (he's a boy now) and out of his pockets fall a big pile of pencil erasers and pencil parts.


      + There is the archery tanline I'm looking at my skin as it is very big black kind of stripes and patterns especially in my right arm I think that's when I was sitting outside like talking to some guy earlier. and there's some geometrical shapes on the untanned withe untanned skin and I think that's why I was wearing a kind of an arm protector, may be for archery and there was one little narrow band that extended up into my inner elbow.

      + earlier There was a meeting at a school registration desk where I was handed a small square electronic tablet with a screen on it I'm supposed to use that for registering or something and I'm talking to the young women which are there at the desk,

      + in an apartment not moving not aware of my body talking with someone just noticing being aware of I was comparing it to things that I saw to another place and also imaginary and false memory which I thought I knew. So I'm standing in a kitchen from the perspective of the kitchen there's a counter at my left with a sort of column and counter/bar dining room. There's an entrance area to in front of me and then a corner sort of a living sitting room area (ahead and to my left behind the counter). I'm noticing the objects around the room: there's a desk with 3 monitors on it displaying some image. They're positioned so that they can be seen from like all the angles of the room: one pointing to the right, 1 sort of oriented the middle, one oriented to the left.

      And there were kind of little doodads I don't know stuffed toys or objects sort of colorful. They were located at the floorboards ahead of me in the entryway and to the left of the table with monitors in the living room. And with whovever I was there (also not visible) was I was I was remarking on the striking similarity of this room to the other one the other apartment the other place I knew. and I was thinking there's some kind of a standard template that they must use in these apartments.

      + [vague] In some sort of Service place like a building with service counter some kind of a business where you can get service done and it had something to do with "company N", and I was talking with <president of company N> later, then I mentioned that I wanted to use his service and I said Hey you know you guys could also use ours (a trade).

      + meeting with my cousin sitting at a table with a meal and he was asking me for help in marketing and I was very uncomfortable am really quite terrible at marketing. but he wanted to me to do it. He said, "It is really easy you just need to call people and tell them about the benefits of all these vitamins," and then I guess he handed me some materials that have written information about the health benefits of these various you know standard sort of vitamins.

      + I was at a quiz talking to a woman giving the questions, the are about very specific things of places of names and buildings -- sort of Trivia contest I think it's centered around the University of [my 2nd Uni] and I have a piicture [it's a false memory and not a realistic picture] of the campus North South East West and there were some questions I was asking about North and South I was clarifying some of the questions and there were like 2 questions I got both of them wrong and I was amazed in the dream I was amazed that I got these wrong and thought I really knew this place and I was thinking about like oh I used to walk that path you know to the gym all the time and all the time

      + and there's another little bit about a guy who died sort of related to Maybe the cousin meeting where he's asking me for help. this guy was also signing up to work on various aspects of some important problem and he was signing up to work on "3, 4, and 5." whatever these points were and someone comes up and says he (whatever his name was, forgot), " oh he died!" it looks like he died because his name disappeared from some sort of computer registry and we're all sort of shocked and don't know what to do

      + final scene was sort of with a child's push toy or a push card and I'm outside and [people are] accumulating candies or stuff for kids and there are some also some adults nearby (Indian maybe) and they're reaching across the cart getting in the way of its movement and getting in the way of me doing whatever I'm doing and they're reaching for like these shelves of snacks and chocolates and candies and things to the left.
    2. 2022-07-04 no recall night, thanks to new puppy

      by , 07-04-2022 at 12:16 PM
      We decided to try on his 2nd night with us bringing the new puppy (4 months) up to the 2nd floor to see how he does and so he can be closer to us at night. Went OK, but sleep was interrupted at 6am (late bedtime, too, around midnight) when the little feller needed to go outside (didn't make it in time).

      No recall. I even was able to sleep more. I definitely dreamed both before and after the 6am event, but my mind moved immediately to doggy upon waking and recall vanished. Recall seems much more fragile recently.