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    1. 2022-08-10 couple short dream sequences, short sleep, little dreaming

      by , 08-10-2022 at 06:07 AM
      bedtime: 23:30
      little sandwiches, corn muffin, banana cherry thing before bed
      tried 1 500mg NAC before bed. Didn't have any effect on dreams, certainly not more vivid, if anything, less dreams recalled
      final OOB: 07:15
      final waking: 05:45 (probably earlier, this was just when I glanced at the clock)

      Get up for like 10 mins and sit in chair, doesn't really help get sleepy.
      Bed was decently comfortable and I was not too hot after taking off the comforter. Was very warm before doing that, though.

      + dark-ish/twilight lighting [DS] thinking about moving through a building, like a school, climbing first up to a high place outside the building, then entering through broken doors/openings down into the building. (Inside a room with people? -- vague)

      + in daylight(?) we are on bikes in the flatlands and need to get (home? with sister?) up to the hills. I think this will take a long time nonetheless and be a big effort. There are horses and they want to walk this route, it will help them from overheating. We are riding bikes straight ahead, in a pretty big group. There are a lot of muddy/slick places on the path, and my wheels slip and spin a lot, but I make progress. At some point there are water rations given out. The people in control of the water use a device like a black light scanner that they shine into your cup, and when they do this the light reveals (orange? green?) glyphs/runs inside the cup, I see these. They interpret the runes and then decide if you are allowed to have water. I'm pissed off at this affront to the liberty of having water whenever you want to, that shouldn't be controlled.

      + at work at company "N", I'm working on a project that I do not like, I ask my manager Sha.Cly. if I can move back to my original group, but she says that she does not have the free reqs to allow that.