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    1. 2022-08-11 interrupted but better / longer sleep; mountain slide, quit drug running, squat yoke,

      by , 08-11-2022 at 06:53 AM
      bedtime 22:45 (?) - 23:00 (?) (not later)
      final OOB 08:00

      waking during the night, from the light level in the room, somewhere around 05:00-05:30 body feels very hot and I feel a bit out of breath
      Maintain drowsiness remains but not progressing towards sleep and mind starts kicking in.
      "Do not think", let go, a bit of Yoga Nidra cycle, adopt "I'm falling asleep at initial bedtime" and totally turn off, a bit of this works and fall asleep.

      New Attitude towards recall: observe, recall, but don't try to "force" dreaming. Welcome the dreams that come without particular expectation.

      Going to try out "I trust you" approach: I do the day work, I know my dreaming mind knows how to (lucid) dream, hand the ball over to my dreaming mind at night and be open and welcome to the experiences, but don't try to manage or control them.

      Lie without covers and body cools off and begin to feel drowsy again. Fall asleep eventually and a few dreams right before waking.


      + Climbing up a steep, rocky mountain with a group, turns into an out-of-control slide down long, slippery rocky slide/chutes, going off jumps and flying through the air thinking "Oh, f%^&!", I have no control of my trajectory and think I'll probably get smashed against the rocks
      The rock is colored in tones of red, orange, brown.

      + Waiting for the crowd around my boss (a famous politician?) to disperse so I can tell her I'm not going to be her cocaine mule any more. Indoors, Dark/twilight lighting [DREAM SIGN]

      + Trying to do squats with a very heavy iron frame/yoke on my back that my mentor gave me to try that had been hanging on a wall. I see it hanging on the wall in front of me, it is several parallel bars (rusty?) of metal with some space (seems too narrow?) to get your head in between. I put it on and turn away from the wall, and try to stand up. I feel the weight of it, and despite it being light enough for me to squat reasonably well in waking like (around 100 lbs) [I think this actually in the dream], I always teeter to one side and lose my balance when I stand up with it.


      + Sitting on and riding down a diagonally-vertically inclined store check-out belt heading towards the cashier at the bottom, the woman in front of me reaches out to the left and slams the "bypass" button. This enrages the (woman) cashier who screams "No f%^&in way am I scanning all of those items manually!" I advise the woman to call for the manager right when she demands to see the manager. Those two get into a fight and the customer woman becomes a man who starts beating up the cashier and calling her the "B" word, my sympathies shift to the cashier as I see how brutal the customer has become.

      + Observing scenes where (actor Chris Pine?) is tied up in various bondage scenarios (inside a car with lots of items, in a wheelbarrow being wheeled around?), there's a woman who is his captor, and a group of people, the group are talking about when they're going to release him, the captor indicates she has no intention of doing so soon.
      + climbing mountain, sliding down slide-like chutes out of control

      + walking behind mentor (female boss?), she's a drug dealer but I'm waiting for the crowd around her to disperse before confronting her and saying I will no longer work for her (?)