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    1. 2022-08-13 B6 experiment gone bad...strange event, jumping across the rail tracks

      by , 08-13-2022 at 10:35 AM
      So Mr. Genius decided it was time to try a big B6 boost at bedtime for a boost to recall, took 100mg, and basically felt like I didn't sleep all night long. Had just a few dreams. Terrible night. Eeeek.

      + at some sort of outdoor event like a concert, tons of people. There was a large odd device that was set up to the (right?) of the stage, it had a bunch of noisy moving solid flaps on it that would change position with a loud "click!", it was someone reading the (minds? evaluating?) the audience members, and I thought that was an invasion of privacy.
      I'm lying with a friend on our backs looking up at the sky [DS]. It had a strange sort of pattern to it, like a large stencil was spread across the sky.
      Thinking about ST near a potted plant(?)

      + I want to jump across some rail tracks to the far sidewalk. I go up to the gap and decide it looks like it's too far to jump. But I back up to get a running start (I'm in bare feet or in socks?), and run up to the gap and notice there are some central lines of asphalt running parallel to the tracks and I can use these to land on and continue jumping across. I make it to the other side OK. Then I turn and look at the rails. Sort of a train arrives, it's actually like a small cart. It has some small things (lights?) poking out of the front, and a conductor/staff guy comes up and adjusts the sticking out thing.

      + [f, vague] need to move through a dense crowd of people through to the other side?