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    1. 2022-08-16 trying to show I can glide, dinner party with crayfish, want to propose to April/August,

      by , 08-16-2022 at 06:48 AM
      BT 22:40, took a while to fall asleep since L was reading and moving about
      OOB 06:55
      awake 05:45 (fell asleep for a short while, one more dream)
      22mg L-theanine, 1g GABA before bed
      3g glycine, 1g L-tryptophan about 21:30 or 21:00

      2 prior wakings with zero recall. A bit unusual, usually I'll have some memories in the 2nd waking. But I'm not delving for recall now before the 5 hrs waking.

      very hot night, had to take off the blankets.

      earlier (~ 0545)

      + hanging out with a male (movie?) star of some sort, he's talking about his girlfriends, he says "You think (they, referring to some other girls) are mine? Psh. They're like 41B [breast size] at most" that gets me thinking about bra sizes, what would be big? 44DD? Then I see the two who *are* his GFs, they are sitting on each branch of an L-shaped branch. They are indeed heftily endowed in the chest department. They're bouncing on their seats which causes their breasts to bounce around, too, and I see that their tops are slightly see-through to the point where I can fairly clearly make out their areolas/nipples.

      Move on down the street, I'm with friends, we're approaching a sort of cliff in front of a very large canyon with rolling hills/mountains below that extends far into the distance. It is night time. This is a flying-dinosaur-riding area, I say "I hear that it's really cool to do this at night!". I go up to a promontory area sticking out into the canyon and want to show off for my friends that I can fly/glide, I'm intending just to step off over the canyon and glide right back to them standing nearly at the edge. But a group of people get in the way and block my access to the edge. They're young men, they're jostling around, and just won't get out of the way.

      Then we're inside a room, and the guys sort of shuffle away, but one of them hits a light switch (but not the right one?). I also punch a light switch right next to it on the wall

      + in a group of young people sitting around a long (picnic-style) table [DREAM SIGN], we're joking, one of the girls has offered me to eat a crayfish/lobster, which I jokingly protest, saying "I'm not going to eat this! Too many legs! And there are people who eat the heads, I understand it tastes like sh*t!" the girl is laughing with me.

      I've been introduced to some girl (April? August? [Some "A" name apparently a month!]) in this group, and I want to ask her our (propose to her?). Then I remember L, I think she'll be pretty upset that I propose to some other girl, she was probably expecting that I would propose to her instead.


      + walking F dog, he runs off into the distance, something has attracted him, I pull him along not wanting to find out, but a group of small dogs appear and all run to us, so F must meet them. We're at the base of a slide, we're walking up the slide, I'm pushing a cart, and people are in my way, I ask the person in front of me to step aside (?) so I can go by. Push through some door into some building(?)

      + in the CS department, walking through an office area, on a desk to my right I see an old classic mac setup, I go and (get some papers?) and return by the mac where two guys are fiddling with it, I punch the eject button on the (CD? disk?) it pops up, I push it back in. I move on. I look at the papers, (it's a grad school application?) I'm looking at the fields that need to be filled out, most are empty, one of them is titled "Admin" (?) which I interpret to mean it is the professor who is recommending me. I head back in to the office to get my professor to sign it, but I think that perhaps this needs to be signed by someone other than my advisor, and I imagine my advisor would just ask one of his colleagues to sign it.