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    1. 2022-09-22 short sleep, 3 short scenes

      by , 09-22-2022 at 08:11 AM
      Late to bed, unavoidable due to fun evening activities .
      the range of 06:00 - 06:30 is converging on being a natural wake time. Drowsiness is pretty much gone by then, and the mind kicks in. Works well if I can get to bed by 22:30

      + In a sort of hub area in the center of an area with a lot of rooms around the periphery. I'm reading an electronic sign to try to see which room our commando team needs to storm to get the bad guys. I'm having trouble reading the screen, something about "34?" Then I see a clear "20" and I should out "It's 20! Go! Go! Go!"

      + In a bar, sort of half outdoors, low-class, like build of barrels, dirty, there is a guy from T-5 (Mon. Sal) there. I/they say something?

      + walking in a cave, I come to a point where the path rises up, curves to the left, goes back down, then turns to the right around a corner. From the top of the rise I look down and see some equipment, it is either a sensor or an automated weapon turret or a combination of both, and I know these are from the enemy. I quickly draw back down around the corner so I'm not in line of sight of the turret. I ponder taking another peek around the corner at the thing again (maybe I do, quickly?)