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    2023-01-01 (Happy New Year!) dreams from the last week

    by , 01-01-2023 at 07:51 AM (153 Views)
    today (Happy New Year!)
    Everything wrong for sleeping: bedtime ~ 2am, watching video in bed before bed, 100g ice cream w/cookie, 2 glasses champagne...but hey, that's New Year's!

    + receiving phone call in top level of childhood park (deja vu, happens twice?), some payment needs to take place?

    2022-12-31 (morning of)

    + [thought dream?] piano fingering: thinking about playing scales and how the right hand starts with the thumb and the left hand starts with the pinky, and how this takes coordination

    + [f] with sons S1, S2, one of them (S2?) says my full name, I say "yes-eth?" as I used to do when younger when someone did that.

    + [f] toys on table (don't remember)

    + [long, vivid] playing team "RQB/tennis" in a very large old room, like a warehouse or a factory that's been emptied out, super high ceilings, old wall material, (brick, other stuff), table in the middle of the room, there are about 2-3 people on a team, I'm new, it's played with tennis racquets and a tennis ball, and you hit the ball to the front wall like in squash/racquetball, I ask the main guy there about the rules: "do you have to hit the ball to the front wall before it bounces twice on the ground? Can you use the ceiling?" (He answers "yes"?). On the table I open my hand and I'm holding a large pile of foam ear plugs, and everybody takes a pair from me, these are used, and I think it's sort of gross that everybody will be putting them in their ears. Think about swinging the racquet, it's heavy and inconvenient(?), not great for this fast sort of RQB-like game.
    Now outside and I'm chasing after a girl I like, she's running ahead of me. We're hopping from floating platform (about 1 meter square each one) to platform, and I manage to get ahead of her, I wonder if she'll notice, and then jump/flop/lie down in a boat, and she flops on top of me. I really like this girl, maybe love her, I'm holding her tightly in my arms lying on top of me, the other people (from the tennis club?) are in a boat parallel to us and I think they see us as a couple. (She turns into being made of yarn? [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy day residue]).
    I'm thinking about that tennis club and think it used to be a a military factory? I "remember" that "yeah, it was the old Toyota plant".

    + it's daytime now and that car that was stuck in the snowbank IWL is still there and they're still trying to get it out. The house that is on the corner of the accident has a burst water pipe and the yard is entirely flooded. There is a floating large barge in the middle of the water flooded area and the residents are using it to cross from the street entrance to the house

    + [f] strange ceremony

    + boxing class/club? Indoors, narrow/long corridors, I'm DO? this is a boxing club, someone's fighting. There's a woman giving footwork instruction: she takes a bow-legged stance, and is saying to notice the location of the feet of the opponent, and if he gets too close, to call it out ("feet"?) as a violation of the rules


    + infiltrate building/church. There is a large box filed with brown liquid and machine parts, it is the heat exchange system of the building. Inside the building I think I may be recognized, a man challenges me, I see a woman who I think knows me


    + tricked in battle arena [don't remember]

    + something about BF MR?

    + [f] outdoor scene open area there are some guys running by and there is an explosion

    + scene at work in Microsoft (?) [false never worked there], in an office, there's a manager at a desk, talking to "Tim" ask if he still works at (Boeing?)
    Outdoors there is my "work area" which has my bed and it's very messy there are a lot of wrappers. It's in a parking lot outside the building, there are some shrubs around. I see there is a (box?) on the ground with a lot of junk/garbage and it has spilled, should I pick it up? There's another guy there who's going to help cleaning it up, I (he?) am/is using a shovel to gather together the garbage.

    + in a house, I see old GF SuBu, (she says?) "there's no time for music", there's a guy there (her new BF?), she comes walking with me and I think she's going to explain why we can't be together (?)


    + outdoors, large group of people, there's a ceremony that requires the location of a blue piece of grass among the huge field of regular green grass. We're using a girl who has the special ability ("blue vision") to find this blue grass, we're (magnifying?) her abilities and transmitting them to everybody so we can find it faster. Then the view zooms in to the ground and the special piece of blue grass is there, I'm amazed we found it, and I pluck it and take it with me.

    + team adventure/fight in a large indoor/outdoor structure (like a Tribes base) very rectangular block architecture, I can fly, I move up to a higher ledge. Inside an area with floating plates, I'm hopping from plate to plate

    2022-12-25 (?)

    + At PTL house, standing before the front entrance and kitchen window, look in and see TiZim, she is young there, I think we're homeschooling her at our house. Her mother PZ arrives. Then I'm standing within a house structure that is open and under construction, it's the neighbor's (Mar) house, my dad is there managing the project, some filter needs to be replaced, it's hard to do, it may be very expensive to do, some frame structure falls near me

    + Outdoors, daylight, I'm looking through the glass walls [DS] (on all four sides) of a small dry cleaner's, there are pieces of clothing hanging on hangers inside and I'm looking at them, I wonder which one is mine? But the cleaner's is closed.
    Moving on, there is a view of suitcases, my sister P asks me "is that your suitcase?" (I'm moving as a flying DO). The suitcase is full of my messages (?)
    There are neighbors walking by on the sidewalk, I'm concerned that they may complain about all the people who constantly are hanging around my house (the neighbors are scraping up poop from the sidewalk?)

    + [don't remember this one] Kids in hallway, kid dying in 2 years, he does what he wants

    + outdoors car with sons S1 S2, something about a National Geographic magazine (drawing? Inside the car?), I need my copy, S2 says to cut out the pics I need?

    + Examining the floor in a garage, a portion of it is cement, a portion of it is wooden boards/slats. Somebody (me?) wants access to the (treasure?) buried beneath the floor. Some guy says we need to dig all this up. I'm looking closely at the floor and thinking that will be a lot of work to dig it all up, then I find a latch for a small trap door, I open it and inside there is alot of sawdust there, ( I find another trap door with a latch handle?), it's quite small, about 1 foot square, and inside is full of sawdust/dust.

    + in a yard, I'm trying to hit a ball with a bat for kids to do fielding practice. I'm throwing the ball high in the air for myself and trying to hit it as it descends, I miss several times, then I start connecting with it, this happens when I swing higher (not waiting so long for the ball to fall).

    (more dreams, forgotten)

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