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    2023-01-17 some interesting, vivid scenes

    by , 01-17-2023 at 06:41 AM (145 Views)
    + getting on bus, waiting outside for people to exit, doors close, I force them open to get on, the people on board don't want me (it's already crowded) so they force the doors close, I force them open again and push my way inside and sit down, sitting down, large group of girls in matching uniforms, white blouses, all get seats, for a second I think about standing up to give them a seat, but I realize I'm the old guy here and they wouldn't take it, in the end they almost all get seats,

    + view in theater 3 girls in matching red witch (?) costumes plus a couple others in the seating area, they're in the area to the right of the right aisle towards the back (about 80%, still some rows behind them), my viewpoint is from the central seating area a bit more towards the back from them

    + in theater, discussion about the fire-retardant properties of the main curtain, how it burns especially in stages, slowly, in a particular pattern, in order to give people time to see this and to escape. Meet Ewan McGregor, ask him about the fire curtain, he says "oh yes I've seen a lot of theater fires." I say "oh, really!?" with a tone, he says "oh, no it's not like that

    + see Mr. R (former scoutmaster) shake hands talking about boy scout troop <number>, with the other men there, I say I'm not the official leader of the troop just a volunteer

    + woman is taking dollar bills from a printer/machine and feeding them back in, several are rejected, and she gives up and takes out her wallet and puts them away in it.

    + See Neil M. working on computer equipment in a cube full of computer equipment in an office environment (low cubes, indoors), walk by I'd seen him earlier (deja vu?) I'm on my way somewhere else doing something, I notice he has a holographic white wolf display working that displays on his head making him look like a white wolf, he's moving it around rotating and turning his head

    + more scenes, forgotten

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